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Furina is just one of 18 characters rumored for the upcoming Fontaine updates (Image via HoYoverse)

Latest Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks showcase upcoming character designs and descriptions

Some Travelers might find themselves wondering about all the Genshin Impact characters revealed in the numerous Fontaine leaks that have surfaced online over the past few weeks. This article will include all the latest photos of said units for the reader's convenience. There aren't any relevant gameplay videos to show off at present.

Despite that, some gameplay elements related to the recently revealed entities — such as Visions, rarities, and weapons — have already been leaked.


Everything featured below is subject to change. Character designs often go under revisions before they're officially revealed, so gamers should view the following photos with that in mind. Note that some images will be of much lower quality than others by virtue of how they were leaked.

Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks detail the upcoming characters

2→Wriothesley, ヌヴィレット

The revealed characters from the latest leaks who've been named are:

  • Lyney
  • Lynette
  • Freminet
  • Furina
  • Charlotte
  • Chiori
  • Wriothesley
  • Neuvillette
  • Captain R
  • Arlecchino

By comparison, others are merely known by some vague monikers:

  • "Chibi Nurse"
  • "Lion Dance Boy"
  • "Heterochromia Boy"
  • "Goth Girl"
  • "Purple Hair Girl"
  • "Liyue Girl"
  • "Mummy Girl"
  • "Blonde Hair Female"

The rest of this Genshin Impact Fontaine leak roundup will feature images of these rumored characters.


In-depth look at the leaked Fontaine characters for Genshin Impact 4.0+

@fudanheng apparently some of them are not fontaine characters

The characters in this old Fontaine lineup leak are as follows, from left to right:

  • Lynette (4-star Anemo Sword)
  • Neuvillette
  • Furina (5-star Hydro Sword)
  • "Chibi Nurse" (she's known to use Hydro)
  • Captain R (she apparently has ~20 designs, with several already leaked)
  • "Purple Hair Girl"
  • Lyney (5-star Pyro Bow)
  • Charlotte (Cryo Catalyst of an unknown rarity)
  • "Goth Girl"
  • "Blonde Hair Female"

However, readers might notice that only ten of the 18 characters are listed here. Unfortunately, there aren't great photos of some of the other entities. Yet, the following sections should cover some of the missing links.




Alecchino is a pyro sword
**this is a severe STC disease, so please point out if it has been changed

Arlecchino is supposedly a Pyro Sword user. Her rarity isn't listed in this leak, yet all currently playable Fatui Harbingers (Childe and Wanderer) are 5-stars, so it would be logical to assume she will follow the same pattern. The above tweet is speculation from a leaker based on current information they possess, and it may be incorrect.

That's all the important information tied to this character revealed thus far.

#GenshinImpact #GenshinLeaks

The bottom entity is rumored to be the "Lion Dance Boy," but leaker hxg has stated that he has at least two designs. This image does match some parts of his description, where hxg said that he has "pearls of earrings."

The leaker has stated that the bottom character is a boy and that the heel doesn't belong to him. Since this person doesn't appear to have heterochromia, it would be logical to deduce that he is the "Lion Dance Boy," as the other leaked nicknames refer to women.

On a related note, there aren't any notable leaks featuring the "Heterochromia Boy."


Wriothesley's photo can be seen in the above leak. There are rumors that he will be a Standard Banner character in Genshin Impact 4.1, according to leaker randialos. He's known to be a 5-star unit, yet his Vision is yet to be confirmed. Some leakers speculate that he uses Cryo.

There currently isn't any news on the following characters:

  • "Heterochromia Boy"
  • Chiori (although she is referenced in one of Kirara's voice-overs)
  • "Liyue Girl"

However, there are some image leaks for "Mummy Girl" and Freminet.

"Real" Sumeru's mummy girl char
Via teamchina

The "Mummy Girl" comes from Sumeru. Her weapon and Vision are currently unknown. It is yet to be revealed what her role in the upcoming story will be since Genshin Impact 4.0 and beyond will largely focus on Fontaine.

// freminet leaks //


via hutaolover77!

#原神 #genshinimpact #genshin #genshintwt #genshinleaks #fontaine #fontaineleaks #freminet

The last leak to cover in this article shows Freminet's face, as leaked by @HutaoLover77. He is known to be a 4-star Cryo Claymore user that will supposedly appear in Genshin Impact 4.0.

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