Fans will need a console to enjoy MLB The Show 23 (Image via PlayStation)

Will MLB The Show 23 come to PC?

MLB The Show 23 is the latest entry in the superhit franchise developed by San Diego Studio, and it’s a great pick for gamers who love baseball. Despite being made by a PlayStation-first studio, the title is widely accessible worldwide.

PC gaming has become extremely popular over the last two decades, and a variety of titles are available on the platform. However, certain games are exclusive to consoles, and MLB The Show 23 is among them. This has been the case since the series made its debut, although there is a workaround.


MLB The Show 23 is unlikely to come to PC due to control layout

San Diego Studio has done a great job with MLB The Show 23. The initial reception to the title has been very positive, all thanks to the new game modes and their unique features.

However, one will need a console from Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo to play MLB The Show 23. There are currently no plans to make the game downloadable on PC. The control layout seems to be the main reason for its absence from the platform. Due to mechanics associated with hitting, pitching, and fielding, using a controller becomes almost mandatory.


The title’s presence on the Xbox Game Pass does create a workaround for PC players. The popular baseball sim was added to the service on day one for all subscribers, making it eligible for cloud gaming.

step up to the plate now with cloud gaming:

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a remarkable technology that has allowed players to enjoy titles like Fortnite without downloading them. The latest offering from San Diego Studio has also been launched simultaneously on consoles and the cloud.

This makes the game accessible to PC players who have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming services (beta). The service is only available in selected regions, and there have been some rumored issues with its performance. However, it's still a good alternative, given that the game is highly unlikely to get a full PC release.


MLB The Show 23 supports full crossplay

A game's availability on multiple platforms is great, but features like crossplay have become very important over the years. MLB The Show 23 gets full marks when it comes to crossplay capabilities.

Some features, like Stadium Creator, are restricted to current-generation consoles. This creates a restriction when it comes to crossplay between different generations (old-gen playing with current-gen). However, there's even support for cross-progression as long as the applicable accounts are connected.

The game's availability on the Xbox Game Pass is a great opportunity for all subscribers to get the full experience from the release without paying anything extra. With new additions like Storylines and more, the title is arguably one of the strongest in the franchise so far.

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