The Sekiro Resurrection mod changes the game in significant ways (Image via nexusmod)

Sekiro Resurrection mod: How to download, requirements, in-game changes, and more

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won several awards at The Game Awards in 2019, including Best Video Game of the Year, Best Art and Audio Direction, and Best Action/Adventure Game. The game combines elements of Japanese myth and folklore with FromSoftware's excellent design philosophy to create an immersive and terrifying world.

The gameplay in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is exceptional, featuring challenging parry mechanics that require players to observe and internalize enemy attack patterns. The addition of Mikiri counter and other dodging mechanics transforms each battle into a fluid dance between offense and defense, requiring players to skillfully balance the two to overcome the game's formidable challenges.


It's been many years since the game was released, and veterans may be looking for a new challenge. One option to consider is a mod called Sekiro Resurrection, which can provide an added level of difficulty for players seeking a new challenge.

What is the Sekiro Resurrection mod?

Mods essentially alter the game files to modify certain aspects of the game. Resurrection changes the difficulty of Sekiro by making the bosses and standard enemies more challenging, with added moves and abilities. Standard enemies also put up more of a fight.


Existing mini-bosses have been reworked to be much more interesting, and the mod adds several new mini-bosses to the game as well. The author of the mod also claims to be constantly working on improving it, and they plan to add new features in the near future.

How to install Sekiro Resurrection from the Nexus Mods website

Installing mods entails editing the game’s files, so you should have a backup of the Sekiro game files and saves. Here are the steps to install Sekiro Resurrection:

  • You will first need Sekiro mod Engine installed. Download the files from the Nexus Mods website and extract its files in the game’s main directory, which is the folder with Sekiro.exe.
  • Create a folder with the name 'mods.'
  • Download the mod from the Nexus Mods website and extract its contents to the mods folder.
  • Start up the game. If the mod was installed correctly, you should notice the changes immediately.
  • If you face any issues, you can head to the mod page to find help.

The Resurrection mod is a great choice for veterans who want to return to the game but found the New game+ to be lackluster. The original game's mechanics were truly amazing, and many players are waiting for FromSoftware to make another game that has fluid movement and combat like Sekiro. The Resurrection mod is a great way to keep yourself occupied until this happens.

Those that are new to modding only need to follow helpful guides on the internet to begin modding. Many mod pages come with clear installation instructions, and most popular games have large modding communities that are always willing to help out the uninitiated. For players who want to spice up their gaming experience, modding is a highly recommended option.

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