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If you want to learn how to batter opponents as Marisa in Street Fighter 6, look no further (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 Marisa complete combo guide - BnB, Drive, Punish Counters, and more

Marisa is one of Street Fighter 6’s newest characters. A Grecian combatant, she is tall, muscular, and mighty. She has intense charged hits to take advantage of, on top of exceptional reach. She’s a massive character and easily one of the best picks now that SF6 has finally launched. A power-type character, she’s pretty easy to use and has definite advantages in the mid-range.

Most of her special attack inputs are also relatively easy to pull off. Marisa’s also packing several excellent Command Normals and easy BnB/Target Combos. If you’re looking for someone new to try in Street Fighter 6, why not Marisa?


Note: This guide is still a work in progress. As more combos for this character are shared, we will add them to her list.

Marisa combos to try in Street Fighter 6


1) Basic/BnB Combos to use in SF6

j.HK > Back.HP > QCB.HP + Forward.LP > QCF.HP


A solid beginner/intermediate combo, this powerful warrior easily combos off of a jumping Heavy Kick. You follow with her back+HP and a pair of specials, and you've dealt impressive damage with just these few inputs.

st.MP xx st.MP xx QCB.PP xx Forward.MP, df.HP xx df.HP


Courtesy of IGN, here are a pair of useful BnB combos. BnB (Bread and butter) combos are the combos you will have to rely on the most when playing a particular Street Fighter 6 character. It would help if you practiced these motions the most, outside of basic character fundamentals. Marisa requires a lot of cancels, as shown by the "xx" inputs.


st.MP xx st.MP xx QCB.PP xx f.MP > df.HP xx df.HP


Another powerful BnB in Street Fighter 6, it does significant damage, provided you practiced canceling. The two Standing Medium Punch cancels are pretty standard for her. Then you mix in the QCF, cancel that into down+forward HP, and then another of the same, and you've beaten away at a good amount of someone's health bar.

2) Simple Marisa combos in the Modern Control scheme

j.HP > Back+HP > Back+Special Forward+Any.Attack


WillKing brings a beneficial, simple combo to light using the Modern Controls. With something as basic as a jumping heavy punch, you can pummel your opponent into dust. It's short but takes a healthy chunk of your opponent's life bar.

Auto Medium > Auto Medium > DR > Back+Heavy > Auto Combo Medium


Courtesy of Hidden Juice VIllage ASAP Dream, we have an extraordinary Marisa combo for Street Fighter 6. From the medium strikes, you Drive Rush closer, and use the familiar Back Heavy into the full Auto Combo for medium. This will result in using her Super Art at the end, dealing tons of damage.

Auto Medium > Auto Medium > Back+Special Auto > Forward+Special Auto > DR > Down+Medium > Down+Special Auto > Level 1 Super [Charge]


Another high-damage option for Marisa, you bully someone across the screen with the auto combo's ferocity. You can carry someone across the screen with her hard-hitting offense and knock them to the ground, which will give you just enough time to charge super.

3) Drive Impact/Drive Rush combos for Marisa

DI > QCB.HP-F+P > [c.HP] > QCF.MP


MIR of VesperArcade is back with some useful tech. In this combo, you may notice the crouching Heavy is in brackets, which means it needs to be charged. Once the Drive Impact slams the other player, you can work on the Dimachaerus, followed by the forward-punch input. Charge her crouching Heavy, and wrap this all up with a beefy medium Gladius.

DI > Forward+HK XX DP PP > QCB.K-LP+LK


Marisa is an incredible bully in the corner, when she wants to be. Canceling the Forward Heavy into her EX Phalanax is already powerful. Then, you can add the QCB.K into her throw and get a solid amount of damage.

DR c.MK > LK XX QCB.LP-Forward+Punch


If you’ve spent time learning to carry out Instant Drive Rush, this will be a powerful combo to work on. It’s simple, but effective. From the dashing crouch Medium, you link a Light Kick, and cancel that into your Dimachaerus, with the follow-up forward. It’s solid, and it gets you up close to continue harassing the other player.

4) Whiff Punish, Punish Counter, and Counter-Hit combos

Punish Counter: s.HP (Can charge) > s.MP s.MP DR > back+HP > s.MP s.MP DR > back+HP > QCB.HP forward.HP > QCF.HP > QCF.QCF.LK


Courtesy of Daryus P, this punish counter-only combo in Street Fighter 6 can be quickly done and delivers overwhelming damage. The inputs are simple and repeated, followed by a few special attacks.

After you hit the QCB.HP and forward.HP in this Street Fighter 6 combo, as the bouncing opponent starts to rise, you hit the QCF.HP to land another shot. You finish up with her level 3 super.



A nice and simple punish combo, this one starts from crouching Light Punch, before linking a pair of Medium Punches. Cancel the second into her Gladius (not charged), for solid damage that gets your opponent away from you. From there, it’s easy to abuse Marisa’s strengths to get right back in on them.



This is a solid way to get some damage off of a Medium Kick punish. The back-Heavy, one of Marisa’s best normals, comes into play here. Subsequently, cancel that into her Heavy Dimachaerus, with the forward punch follow up. End it with another excellent move, Quadriga. Boot the other player away with that beefy Spartan Kick, and get ready to resume combat.

Many players are still figuring out the most ideal combos for Marisa in Street Fighter 6. As more of these come to light, we will update our guide to keep the community in the know.

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