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  • The Ultimate Dynasties promo is live in EA FC 24 featuring players from footballing families such as Zidane and Haaland
Explaining the Ultimate Dynasties promo (Image via EA Sports)

The Ultimate Dynasties promo is live in EA FC 24 featuring players from footballing families such as Zidane and Haaland

Ultimate Dynasties has been launched in EA FC 24, and Ultimate Team enthusiasts looking for some fresh content will not be disappointed. As its name suggests, this Team Release consists of cards representing footballing families and features some big names such as Zidane, Haaland, Rivaldo, and Maldini.

The Ultimate Dynasties promo gives bonuses to footballers who either have siblings or parents that have or still play the beautiful sport. On top of the nicely boosted overall stats, EA FC 24 players can see these items getting enhanced further if one of their family Ultimate Dynasties member's cards is also present in the same Ultimate Squad.


This article will walk you through all you need to know about the Ultimate Dynasties Team Release 1.

All cards released as part of the Ultimate Dynasties promo in EA FC 24 and their pairings


To the disappointment of some, the Radioactive promo has officially ended in-game. With a new series of cards having been released, as well as a couple of objectives and Squad Building Challenges to go along with it, fans who still want to get their hands on Radioactive cards will have to rely on the dedicated SBCs that are still live in-game.

As mentioned in the press release by EA Sports: In the Ultimate Dynasties promo, family matters. This Team Release has been divided between the special versions of ICON and non-ICON cards. However, the list below has been compiled by mixing both categories of items to preserve some pairings slated to boost the cards of their family members.


Furthermore, certain ICON cards in the promo have also received different versions representing them at a younger age.

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Without further ado, here are all the cards on the Ultimate Dynasties team roster:

  • Haaland: 94
  • Braut-Brunes: 85
  • Oscar Hojlund: 85
  • Rasmus Hojlund: 87
  • Jordan Larsson: 85
  • Henrik Larsson: 87, 88
  • Lauren James: 88
  • Reece James: 88
  • Lucas Hernandez: 88
  • Theo Hernandez: 88
  • Sidi Sane: 85
  • Leroy Sane: 87
  • Rivaldo: 89, 91
  • Zidane: 95
  • Gheorghe Hagi: 89, 90
  • Ianis Hagi: 85
  • Florian Wirtz: 89
  • Julaine Witz: 86
  • Lena Oberdorf: 90
  • Tim Oberdorf: 85
  • Paolo Maldini: 93
  • Daniel Maldini: 85
  • Jurrien Timber: 86
  • Quinten Timber: 85
  • Deian Veron: 85
  • Juan Sebastian Veron: 89, 87
  • Ferland Mendy: 87
  • Edouard Mendy: 87
  • Kluivert: 89, 88
  • Schlotterbeck: 87
  • Williams: 86
  • Thuram: 87

Keen-eyed EA FC 24 players will notice that some of the cards listed above, such as Schlotterbeck and Thuram, have no pairing. It is reasonable to assume that their family members will be added as this promo goes on, either through team releases, dedicated challenges, or objectives.

All in all, the Team One release for the Ultimate Dynasties promo is fairly well-rounded and consists of several iconic pairings, such as Chelsea's James brother-sister-duo and the Maldini father-son duo.

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