The worst of the best in MultiVersus (Image via Warner Bros.)

The worst characters to use in MultiVersus

MultiVersus introduces a new cast of beloved and fascinating characters to the venerable platform fighter genre. The iconic party game best exemplified by Smash Bros. deserves some new competition, and Warner Bros. is wading into the brawl.

Balancing games is very hard, and unfair matchups and unwinnable conflicts have long plagued the party fighter. With the game still in closed beta testing, there are a couple of characters who could use some buffs to compete fairly in later versions.


The weakest characters in MultiVersus

What in the MultiVerse is going on here?! Mark your calendars MVPs, Open Beta is coming up this July! #MultiVersus

The strange and wonderful cast of MultiVersus has a new feature for the platform fighter genre, class division. The 15 characters are broken down into five character classes built to perform vastly different tasks on the battlefield.


1) Worst Assassin: Finn the Human

Not Mathematical at all (Image via Warner Bros.)

Finn isn't the weakest option because he's completely useless, but because he's handily bested by every other member of his class. While Harley Quinn is the best killer in the game and Arya is hard to master but excellent, Finn lags.

Finn needs coins to deal substantial damage, but even his best attacks aren't worth it. He's the slowest assassin, and his gimmick needs some adjusting. With a couple of increased stats, he can compete, but he's the weakest option right now.


2) Worst Bruiser: Garnet


Garnet is simply too slow and too easily countered to be viable. She hits like a truck when she connects, but she won't be landing many hits unless her support has the enemy completely incapacitated.

Garnet has a couple of ranged options, but they're weak and tough to land. Her kit is one of the weakest, which is a tragedy for a character of her power. Just making her a bit faster or granting her a little extra armor would make her much better.

3) Worst Mage: Tom and Jerry


There are only two options in the mage class, so Tom and Jerry isn't a terrible character. He's slightly bested by Bugs Bunny's more varied kit, and he's also a bit harder to use effectively.

The game's answer to the Ice Climbers is Tom and Jerry, a duo character who'll only see success when mastered. Tom and Jerry aren't terrible, but it takes a lot of work to make him great, and it often isn't worth it.

4) Worst Support: Steven Universe


Someone in the MultiVersus team disliked modern cartoons because most of their standouts are terribly weak. Steven is slow, situational, and lacks any useful kill tools.

Steven is by far the worst support and probably the weakest character overall. His gimmick places a shield in front of his ally, which can be broken almost instantly. Steven needs a complete overhaul to be a fair competitor because the rest of the cast currently far outpaces him.

5) Worst Tank: Superman


Clark truly doesn't deserve this, but one of them has to be the worst in a class with only two options. Superman is great in most situations, but he's slightly less effective in the tank role than Wonder Woman, and Iron Giant isn't in the game yet.

Superman only lags because of Wonder Woman's shield. Superman's best moves are his heat vision and freeze breath, the latter of which is devastating but tough to hit consistently. Superman is still great. This only goes to show that MultiVersus nailed their tanks.

MultiVersus has a fun and exciting cast, but there is still some room for improvement. Buffing this handful of characters will ensure every player can succeed with their favorites.


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