The Player's Voice Award at The Game Awards 2022 has pit two fandoms against one another (Image svia SEGA/Mihoyo)

"This is a massive L and slap in the face": Sonic Frontiers fans fuming as Genshin Impact wins Players Voice Award at The Game Awards 2022

With The Game Awards finally wrapped up, fans are still reeling from the varied announcements and revelations. Amidst all the hype, a bunch of awkward scenarios have cropped up too. One in particular has to do with the Player's Voice award category, as the final winner has upset a fandom.

@thegameawards @GenshinImpact This is a massive L and slap in the face for the Sonic Community. Though I'm grateful that Sonic Frontiers was nominated for Players Voice however. Here's to the next generation of Sonic content and games!!!

Both Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers were nominated for the Player's Voice award. However, the iconic action RPG from Mihoyo ended up winning the award.

The spat between Genshin impact and Sonic fans over The Game Awards 2022 continues

Sonic Frontiers fans were looking forward to the game winning the Player's Voice award at The Game Awards 2022. In fact, the rivalry between the two fandoms rose to heated levels on social media up until the announcement. Both sides seem to have resorted to using bots to increase the votes for their game in the polls. After all Player's Voice is, as the name suggests, a popularity poll. So this is bound to alter votes by a certain percentage.


The official results declared that Genshin Impact won in the Player's Voice category. Many Sonic fans (and even some Genshin players) felt robbed and called the situation unfair on social media:

@Thatboikhy @MizzMarkTuan @thegameawards @GenshinImpact If you really this persistent. Then I'll give u a simple logic. Why genshin fans need bots if they already have a massive community? 60+ millions active players over 50.000 sonic frontier sold copies lol
Dude sonic got fucking robbed #SonicFrontiers has been really the only game I have been playing as of recently and it’s been so fun all because people wanted online stuff in genshin impact and for that they used bots like how sad are you lot you will never be granted everything
@GenshinImpact Best rigged mobile game by players who botted the system award

Thanks now I can asure my pity for my next character
@53742xx @computery22 are you stupid? Genshin community fans literally did that. Sonic fans were winning because of their teamwork while genshin decided to cheat

Genshin fans are celebrating the occasion and seem intent on striking back against the Sonic fandom as well:

@GenshinImpact LETS GOOOOOO genshin is far better than sonic unfortunately
@thegameawards @GenshinImpact To all of you, angry Sonic fans/Genshin haters, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor prepared a place to take a lil' nap.

Special offer: Second client half-price.
@GenshinImpact GGs Genshin Fans, after the things some of Sonic's fanbase said/did we didn't deserve it.
@InvincibleDusk @Dizzy0982 @zMigueX1 @computery22 bro just say u know nothing about genshin and being salty just because genshin won sonic after ur community said shit about genshin and dead threat people who play genshin first. Matter of fact, don’t talk about anything if y’all don’t know any thing about it

Others seem to be sighing at both sides for their immaturity:

@chnksht420 @MizzMarkTuan @thegameawards @GenshinImpact But here are screenshots of both Genshin and Sonic fans linking/encouraging botting
I still wish that Sonic Frontiers could’ve won something but yeah Genshin and Sonic fans were pretty petty on both ends lmao
@GenshinImpact All the discourse between Sonic and Genshin fans… for 800 Primos….

Welp, you guys won

Good job to the ones that didn't agree/weren't okay with the bot votes, you have my respect

Here's a congrats from a Sonic fan, GG

At the end of the day, which game wins at The Game Awards 2022 is really subjective. While the botting from either side should be looked down upon, the results speak for themselves. Sonic Frontiers is a relatively newer game, and Genshin Impact has had a lot more time to garner a dedicated fanbase. The action RPG has enjoyed a steady stream of support from developers since the start. Additionally, its free-to-play nature makes it an obvious pick for a popularity award as it is accessible by a much larger playerbase.

Sonic Frontiers, meanwhile, might be from a bigger franchise, but the popularity of 3D platformers today is nowhere close to what it was back in the 90s. So despite the fact that it is one of the better Sonic games released so far, it didn't stand much of a chance as it still had to face more popular names like Elden Ring.

To celebrate the win at The Game Awards 2022, Mihoyo is giving away 800 Primogens to all Genshin Impact players. These will be split into 200 Primogens per day over the course of four days from December 10-13. Players can log in to the game to redeem the rewards when they go live.

Genshin Impact was first released back in 2020 and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Android, and iOS. It is set to receive a Nintendo Switch version in the future.

Sonic Frontiers is a more recent release that arrived on November 8, 2022. It can be purchased on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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