The botlane duo is an essential aspect of a team composition in League of Legends season (Images via Riot Games)

Top 5 strongest botlane champion duos in League of Legends season 13

While the League of Legends meta has been ever-evolving since the beginning of season 1 back in 2009, one thing that hasn't changed since the game's inception is the significance of the botlane.

The botlane consists of two players, an ADC (Attack Damage Carry), and a support. The duo is expected to work together to gain advantages over their opponents and secure kills, resulting in a game win. They are crucial to their team since their performance ultimately sets the tone for the whole game. A successful bot lane performance may provide a considerable advantage in League of Legends.


Marksman deals damage and obtains kills, while the support protects and assists the marksman. A well-coordinated bot lane pair may harass and disrupt the other team, resulting in early kills and tower grabs. This early advantage may be game-changing in League of Legends since it provides the squad with more gold, experience, and map control.

A good bot lane pair will also benefit the rest of the League of Legends squad. A well-fed marksman can inflict a lot of damage, allowing the rest of the team to take objectives quickly, and strong support can help the squad with crowd control and healing. This enables the team to participate in combat and siege targets more effectively, increasing their chances of success.

League of Legends season 13 has its own meta, like every year, and with it, the best champions. While the primary aim of every game should always be to have fun, it never hurts to be playing one of the meta's strongest champions.

This article will cover the five most potent botlane champion duos in League of Legends season 13 that players should seek to devote time to and eventually master to ensure continuous good game results while also gaining LP in ranked.


Disclaimer: The list is subjective and reflects the author's opinion entirely

Lucian & Nami and 4 other best botlane duos in League of Legends season 13

1) Samira & Nautilus

Samira & Nautilus are one of the best oppressing duos in season 13 (Images via Riot Games)

Samira & Nautilus are the first duos with whom we begin this list. Both these champions are arguably some of the most potent lane duos that can stomp the lanning phase.

Nautilus's excellent chain crowd control, tankiness, knock-ups, initiations, and peeling potential added to Samira's ability to participate in heavy duels, her mobility owing to dashes, and her ability to evade the enemy's vital abilities make this duo very difficult to beat.

Considering the importance of objectives in the current meta, this pair may quickly achieve lane priority in most game phases if played correctly. Samira and Nautilus have become some of the best botlane duos in League of Legends Season 13.

With a duo win rate of 52.24% and considering the upcoming buffs for Nautilus in patch 13.3, this duo will only get stronger.


2) Jhin & Heimerdinger

Jhin & Heimerdinger are one of the best overall botlane duos in season 13 (Images via Riot Games)

Jhin & Heimerdinger are the second additions to this list. Both of these champions are fantastic selections for League of Legends season 13, and they're also a lot of fun to play with because of the dynamic kits they possess.

Jhin is perhaps the most damaging ADC in League of Legends, known for two-shotting opponents when fed. He does tremendous amounts of damage thanks to his passive 'Whisper.' Furthermore, he can poke with his Q (Dancing Grenade) and W (Deadly Flourish), offer crowd control with his E (Captive Audience), and gives strong team fighting potential owing to his ultimate, R (Curtain Call).


While Heimerdinger is one of the few four-way flex League of Legends champions that can play on the toplane, midlane, APC, and support, making him one of the most versatile champions.

Heimerdinger possesses an all-around kit with poke from his W (Hextech Micro-Rockets) and crowd control from his E (CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade), the ability to lure opponents toward him with his Q (H-28 G Evolution turret), and the potential to upgrade his skills to make them even more powerful.

Jhin can cause significant damage from a distance, while Heimerdinger offers crowd control and defense. Heimerdinger's turrets may also aid Jhin in securing kills, making it more straightforward for Jhin to get kills and farm gold.

When it comes to knocking down towers, this combo has tremendous chemistry. Jhin can damage opposing towers, while Heimerdinger may resist the push with turrets. This makes the other team's defense against the push challenging, and both of them may frequently achieve early tower kills, giving their team a huge advantage.

Jhin & Heimerdinger are one of the best all-around League of Legends botlane duos that players should focus on, with a duo win rate of 54.40%.


3) Tristana & Pyke

Tristana & Pyke are arguably the most aggressive botlane duos in season 13 (Images via Riot Games)

Tristana & Pyke are the following duos to feature on this list. This duo is arguably the most aggressive and the one with the most potential to snowball due to both the champions having the ability to be dominant and oppressive if ahead early.

Tristana excels in dealing burst damage with her E (Explosive Charge), making her effective against squishy targets. Her W (Rocket Jump) ability allows her to reposition quickly, making her difficult to catch and allowing her to dodge enemy abilities. And combining her E with her Q (Rapid Fire) allows her to quickly take tower platings, making her one of the best early-mid game champions to get ahead on.


On the other hand, Pyke offers great engagement potential with his Q (Bone Skewer) pulling the enemies towards him and setting up kills for Tristana. His kit also offers a lot of utility, with his E (Phantom Undertow) stunning enemies and his W (Ghostwater Dive) allowing him to become a hard target and reposition.

This gives Tristana ample time to deal damage and secure kills. Furthermore, Pyke's ultimate, R (Death from Below), allows him to execute low-health enemies, making it easier for Tristana to finish them off.

With Pyke set to receive buffs in League of Legends patch 13.3, he can break the enchanter support meta as he does well vs. mid-late game enchanters like Sona, Soraka, Nami, etc.

Moreover, these two League of Legends champions also protect each other. Tristana can use her ultimate R (Buster Shot) to knock back enemy champions and protect Pyke, while he can use his crowd control abilities to protect her from enemy engagement.

In conclusion, the Tristana and Pyke botlane duo are a formidable combination in League of Legends season 13 due to their high damage output, mobility, and utility. With their complementary abilities, the duo can secure kills and control the game's pace, making them a practical pick in the current meta.


4) Draven & Blitzcrank

Draven & Blitzcrank is one of the flashiest duos in season 13 (Images via Riot Games)

Draven and Blitzcrank are the fourth entries to this list since they are undoubtedly the showiest ones.

Draven is an ADC with solid damage output and a flamboyant playstyle. He is a marksman who does extensive damage to adversaries with his axes. Draven's skills let him inflict massive amounts of damage fast, and his passive ability, Spinning Axe, grants him additional damage with each strike.

He has a high skill ceiling. Thus, League of Legends players need to play many games on him to learn his mechanics properly.

In contrast, Blitzcrank is a frontline League of Legends engage support champion recognized for his crowd control skills and ability to protect his allies. His passive (Mana Barrier) lets him protect himself and his teammates from damage, while his Q (Rocket Grab) draws foes to him and his E (Power Fist) offers crowd control by knocking up the adversary.


Blitzcrank's ultimate ability, R (Static Field), damages all League of Legends foes within a given radius, silencing them and making him a valuable addition to his team.

The League of Legends botlane combo of Draven and Blitzcrank is strong because their abilities complement each other nicely. Draven's tremendous damage output and Blitzcrank's crowd control skills allow the combo to dispatch their adversaries efficiently. Draven may also utilize his axes to do extra damage with each strike, allowing Blitzcrank to grip and drag foes toward him.

In League of Legends season 13, the botlane combo of Draven and Blitzcrank is a powerful and popular pick. Many players choose them because of their tremendous damage output, crowd management abilities, and adaptability. This combination is worth considering, with a duo win rate of 54.39%.

5) Lucian & Nami

Lucian & Nami are the most famous botlane duos in season 13 (Images via Riot Games)

This list concludes with the most-played botlane duo in League of Legends season 13. Lucian & Nami are the last addition to this list, with over 183k games in patch 13.1 alone across all regions.

Lucian is a League of Legends marksman with fast mobility and a damage output rate. His passive (Lightslinger) adds additional damage to his basic strikes while he can dash through adversaries owing to his E (Relentless Pursuit).

Lucian's mobility enables him to avoid opposing abilities and reposition himself for more significant damage. Lucian also possesses a powerful ultimate ability, R (The Culling), which shoots a torrent of bullets in a straight line, delivering significant damage to any League of Legends foes struck.

Nami, on the other hand, is an enchanter support League of Legends champion specializing in crowd control and healing. Her Q (Aqua Prison) stuns and damages an opponent champion. This ability sets the stage for Lucian to respond to his damage.


Nami also possesses her E (Tidecaller's Blessing), which grants Lucian faster mobility and more damage in his next attack. This ability allows him to enter and exit combat quicker, allowing him to do more significant damage. Her W (Ebb and Flow) pokes the enemy and heals Lucian simultaneously.

Nami's skills help Lucian survive and do more damage while he does the damage required to secure kills. This League of Legends botlane combo is a formidable menace to any opposing team, thanks to the combination of a high-mobility marksman and an enchanter support champion with crowd control and healing.

Ultimately, the botlane combo of Lucian and Nami is one of the most potent and well-known combinations in League of Legends in Season 13. Their coordination, mobility, and damage output make them a formidable force.

Lucian & Nami is a botlane combination worth considering, with a 51.09% duo win rate and the best League of Legends botlane duo sample size.

This coincides with the conclusion of our ranking of the five most potent botlane duos in League of Legends season 13. While the champions and their duos described above are powerful, it is strongly advised that players practice these champions with them. This will eventually lead to more excellent outcomes owing to their ability to communicate with the duo player.

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