World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 features your own created character (Image via Capcom)

What is the best gear in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode

Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode is a great single-player experience that breaks the mould of traditional fighting games. Although fighting games in the past have incorporated stories, none have done it at the scale Street Fighter 6 has. Beyond adding a story, Capcom was able to incorporate a fully functioning single-player RPG within the game, adding unprecedented depth.

World Tour is a full-fledged RPG in Street Fighter 6. It is so well-executed that you'll be forgiven for forgetting about the arcade-styled fighting modes while you complete it.


Basketball shoes, Fighter's Hoodie, and more of the best gear in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode

Onitsuka Tiger x Street Fighter 6!

All players who log in by June 30, 2023 will receive a special set of 4 collab items that your avatar can wear.

Like typical RPG games, World Tour mode has items that boost certain stats and change your appearance. There is plenty of gear for you to locate, purchase, or earn as a reward, but it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best one for your created character. To dispel those doubts, here is a guide on the five best pieces of gear you can equip.

1) Fighter's Hoodie (Top)

Avatar while being customized in World Tour mode (Image via Capcom)

The Fighter's Hoodie is a piece of equipment that adds the peak performance trait and a whopping +104 Defense to your character. It will be available quite late in the game. You can loot from a SiRN chest in Mount Vashal or purchase it from the Merchant Mello.

Adding +104 defense makes this gear vital for surviving those fights against NPCs that dish out large amounts of damage or when you are doing a longer mission that involves lots of fighting, especially against multiple enemies.


2) Fighter's Sweatpants (Bottom)

The Fighter's Sweatpants in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Unlike the Fighter's Hoodie, the Sweatpants don't add traits to your character but incorporate a massive defensive boost with +106. This huge boost makes it worth having, especially if you pair it with other bits and pieces of gear that enhance your other stats. Like the Hoodie, this can be looted in a SiRN chest on Mount Vashal in Street Fighter 6's World Tour.

3) Apocalypse Mask

A map of Metro City (Image via Capcom)

The Apocalypse Mask adds +59 Punch Strength and +24 Defense to your character. It adds no traits to your character but boosts your punching power and defense. The mask is especially effective if you have a moveset from a Street Fighter 6 master that relies on doing damage with your fists. This item can be found in a SiRN chest on the Red Steel Factory rooftop in Metro City.

4) Blanka-Chan Costume

The character that inspired the Blanka-Chan costume is Blanka himself (Image via Capcom)

The Blanka-Chan costume is one of the best items in Street Fighter 6 for your created character since it adds +20 Unique Attack Strength, +40 Punch Strength, +40 Kick Strength, and an impressive +110 to your defense.

The stat boosts from this item grant it enough versatility to warrant usage, regardless of your preferred moveset. You can get this costume once you've met Blanka and have him enlisted as your master.

5) Basketball Shoes

Old Nayshall is the location where you can find Basketball Shoes (Image via Capcom)

The Basketball Shoes add a +20 Defense and a +60 Kick Strength to your character. They do not add any traits, but provide great boosts to the damage your feet can do while adding some survivability to your character.

You can purchase it from a merchant in Nayshall late in the game. It is perfect for using movesets that rely heavily on kicking, like Juri's. This item will cost some Zenny, so ensure you have some saved.

Using the best gear helps you in tough fights while playing Street Fighter 6. Choosing the right gear that matches your playstyle is crucial in asserting dominance during your playthrough.

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