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When does Mauga enter Overwatch 2 Competitive mode?

Mauga has finally joined the growing Tank roster of Overwatch 2 in Season 8, and the community has been having a lot of fun with the hero. Fans of the game have been waiting for his release ever since Blizzard Entertainment introduced him for a trial period in November 2023. With the launch of the new season, the unit is available to play for all players and is now better than before.

Right now, Mauga is only available for Quick Play and the ongoing Battle of the Beasts event. He has yet to be released in the game's Competitive playlist.


This article provides all the necessary information regarding Mauga’s Competitive release and more.

When will Mauga join the Competitive playlist in Overwatch 2?

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According to in-game files, Mauga will be available for Overwatch 2 Competitive games on December 19, 2023. Players are excited to use him in their matches and figure out viable strategies to dominate different maps.


Being a beefy brawl Tank with no shielding abilities, Mauga relies heavily on his Support heroes to ensure his sustenance if his abilities remain on cooldown.

It will be interesting to see how players build teams for the new hero in the game.

Is Mauga strong enough for Overwatch 2 Competitive?

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Mauga was released for a trial period during Blizzcon 2023. However, professional players and casuals alike pointed out a few shortcomings that prevented him from being effective in the game.


Mauga has been balanced with the release of Season 8, and on paper, it does seem like the hero has massive potential to be a dominant meta Tank. While Mauga has quite definitely been termed overpowered by a major part of the community, the hero has obvious counters that can shut him down in an instant.

Despite the recent Support class nerfs during Season 7, heroes like Ana and Zenyatta can make Mauga's existence a living hell during matches. Paired with Damage heroes like Bastion and Mei, Mauga players have to be ready for a tough time, as counter-swapping is the current competitive meta.

Overwatch 2 players have been overwhelmed with the fun content introduced in Season 8. The developer has disclosed that new events and game modes are in the works for the current season, and players can expect a surge of fresh content flooding in very soon.

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