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Adin Ross' head mod Citrus goes viral (Image via ItsCitrus/Twitter)

Who is Citrus? Clip of Kick streamer and Adin Ross mod goes viral after woman calls him abusive on livestream

Citrus, a Kick streamer and Twitch partner who is also the head mod for controversial online personality Adin Ross has been blowing up on social media after a clip of him having a heated altercation with an intoxicated woman was shared extensively on Twitter. The content creator was livestreaming the incident on his Instagram, and screen recordings were shared by viewers.

In the video, the streamer appears to be holding the camera in a way that renders others' faces indiscernible. However, the woman in front of him sounds and acts quite upset, cursing at him and crying. At one point, she even insinuates that the Kick mod was abusive towards her, causing much controversy:

"You're a f*cking as*hole! He's f*cking abusive towards me."
ADIN ross mod citrus gets exposed for being a women abuser

After some more back and forth between people present, Citrus turned and immediately asserted that the allegations of him being abusive were false. The streamer also shared concern that the woman would call the police on him, while the latter can be heard hyperventilating in the background.

"Dude, what the...false allegations. Bro, she's about to call 911. Dude, holy sh*t. This b*tch is insane."


"L clickbait": Twitter reacts to Citrus being called abusive on Instagram Live

Fans of the creator were not impressed with the clip, with some even calling it clickbait because the video did not record any violence and just the woman's reaction. Regardless, Citrus' clip was shared by @UziDownBad and has gained significant traction, currently sitting at over 60k views at the time of writing.

Here are some general reactions to the post on Twitter, with many saying the post was taken out of context. Since the incident was caught on Instagram Live, the rest of the video is pretty hard to decipher.

@UziDownBad lock that beach boy up!
@UziDownBad Only thing you exposed is you trying to cancel people from a tiny clip of some girl crying. That cancel culture stuff don't work anymore.

Some Twitter users also pointed out that naming Adin Ross in the title was unnecessary and misleading as he had nothing to do with the incident, even though Citrus is his head mod.

@UziDownBad adin wasn’t even there?

Readers should note that the streamer, who started his Twitch career in 2021 and subsequently moved to Kick, has tweeted out a picture of himself, insinuating that he has avoided controversy. The caption reads:

"We beat the case!!!!"
We beat the case!!!!

Fans also rallied to this tweet, extending their support.

This is not the first time Citrus has been called out for controversial and problematic behavior. A couple of months ago, earlier in 2023, the streamer got into a lot of trouble after he said the n-word on stream. The news caused a lot of backlash on r/LivestreamFail, and while the clip has been deleted, alternate mirrors still exist.

Furthermore, many Redditors also pointed out that not only was saying the n-word offensive, but Citrus had also allegedly added it to a verse while singing along, even though it wasn't in the lyrics.


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