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YouTube Deen The Great under fire (Image via Instagram)

Who is Deen The Great? YouTuber under fire for mocking Indian and Asian accents during live stream

Nurideen "Deen The Great," known for his success as a YouTuber, TikTok star, and influential figure, is currently receiving criticism from the online community. This backlash follows the emergence of a clip showing the creator engaging in mocking impersonations of Indian and Asian accents. The clip under fire is from a Twitch stream (June 4) hosted on Yousef "Fousey's" newly-made channel.

The young YouTuber, who celebrated his 22nd birthday in October last year, has gained significant recognition through his involvement in JJ "KSI's" Misfits Boxing events. Notably, he has already achieved victories on multiple occasions.


It's worth noting that Deen The Great is currently affiliated with Happy Punch Promo, a boxing promotional organization headed by Fousey and the controversial creator Daniel "Keemstar."

Deen The Great is getting some backlash after this particular clip was seen by some fans
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What did Deen The Great do? Twitch clip catches scrutiny

During a recent Twitch stream hosted by Fousey, both Fousey, and Deen The Great conversed with strangers on Omegle, an online chat platform. At one particular moment, an individual of Indian descent appeared briefly before ending the call.


The YouTuber proceeded to mockingly imitate an Indian accent, stating:

"What you doing? I don't know."

This was followed by a series of laughter, after which Fousey commented:

"Yeah, you need to be on Kick, you can't be on Twitch. Bro, you gonna get canceled. You gonna get canceled immediately."

Regardless of Fousey's comment, the YouTuber persisted in mockingly imitating the accent.

Furthermore, an additional clip has surfaced depicting the YouTuber mocking an Asian accent. In this particular instance, an Asian individual was present in the call, and Deen The Great stood up and began making karate gestures, insinuating that the person was Japanese. The clip in question is this:

Deen The Racist

Currently, Happy Punch Promo has not issued any comments regarding the situation. However, Fousey has taken action by apparently removing the specific segment from his Twitch stream.

What did the community say?

The initial clip was shared on Twitter by the ICBN (@ChamBoxing) account, resulting in a significant number of comments. Some individuals expressed their concern, deeming the actions racist, while others argued that it was merely intended as a joke.

One user pointed out that KSI (recently embroiled in a similar controversy) would have been canceled had it been him instead. They wrote:

@ChamBoxing @DeenTheGreat @fousey @DramaAlert Imagine KSI did this it would be over

Some were straightforward:

@ChamBoxing @DeenTheGreat @fousey @DramaAlert This dudes ego been through the roof ever since misfits gave him a chance and he won. Total knob head now

However, some individuals held the belief that the clip was harmless and criticized what they perceived as an overreaction from cancel culture:

@ChamBoxing @DeenTheGreat @fousey @DramaAlert People need to stop being so soft it’s a joke lol
@ChamBoxing @DeenTheGreat @fousey @DramaAlert This is not okay.
How are people getting mad about this. He’s literally imitating an accent. Not being racist towards a whole race. If it’s really that big a deal people should be getting mad at Americans for imitating a British accent or vise verse.
@ChamBoxing @DeenTheGreat @fousey @DramaAlert Bro cancel culture is getting outta control

You can’t even make jokes anymore

During the stream, the YouTube personality also disclosed plans to join the platform Kick, which has a known history of toxic behavior and past incidents. One incident saw a streamer named Cheesur, who was recorded spitting at a black individual during a live stream in an action that appeared to be a racist gesture.

In that same month (May 2023), another streamer named, Gorillaxdrip went on a racist rant targeting Timothy "iiTzTimmy," during which he mockingly ridiculed his Asian background.

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