Bill Clinton mentioned at The Game Awards 2022 (Image via Elden Ring and Wikipedia/Bill Clinton)

Why is Bill Clinton trending on Twitter along with Elden Ring after The Game Awards 2022? Explained 

Before tonight, nobody would have thought that Bill Clinton, Elden Ring, and The Game Awards 2022 would appear in a sentence together, given that the 42nd US President has nothing to do with the forsaken Lands Between or one of the biggest nights in the video game industry. Yet, this is exactly what is happening, and those who did not watch tonight's show will be left scratching their heads to figure out why that is.

The ninth chapter of The Game Awards 2022 recently came to an end after a night of glitz and glamor filled with appreciation for everything the industry has achieved this year and a glimpse at what the future holds. New titles were showcased, fresh information was divulged, and winners of the various categories were announced.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, Game of The Year! A massive congratulations to @ELDENRING for their big win! @fromsoftware_pr #TheGameAwards

The Game of the Year title is the crown jewel of the event, and this year saw FromSoftware's RPG Elden Ring being declared the winner. An acceptance speech from Hidetaka Miyazaki ensued, where he thanked the team and stated that there was more in store for the game's fans. However, confusion and comedy ensued soon after.

Bill Clinton starts trending as Elden Ring wins GOTY at The Game Awards 2022

Once the legendary game director's acceptance speech ended, a young man was seen appearing in front of the mic. The person was standing on the stage with the members of FromSoftware throughout Miyazaki's address and took the opportunity when it presented itself. In the intruder's bizarre speech, he thanked everybody and chose to nominate "reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton" for the award.

@geoffkeighley >walks up on stage
> dedicates award to Bill Clinton
> Refuses to elaborate
> gets arrested

Geoff Keighley soon announced on his official Twitter handle that the man was arrested, but the global community had already begun spamming social media about the incident. While most were confused about who the person was and what the goal of the speech was, others appreciated the humorous speech, especially the mention of the ex-President of the United States of America.

The individual who interrupted our Game of the Year moment has been arrested.

Twitter and other sites were flooded with memes and posts about the incident. Multiple posts revolved around the mechanics of invasion in Elden Ring and how the strange intruder did the same during Elden Ring's win at The Game Awards 2022. As of now, a quick cursory glance will reveal that Bill Clinton, Elden Ring, and The Game Awards 2022 are all trending together.


Coming from the minds of Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, Elden Ring was lauded upon release and its Game of the Year win followed Game Direction and Art Direction wins at this year's The Game Awards 2022.

Setting apart the hilarity of the situation and the comedic memes that followed it about Bill Clinton and Elden Ring, the bizarre speech did sour one of the biggest moments of the calendar year for any video game developer.

Nevertheless, the invader's quirky speech will go down as a controversial moment in the annals of The Game Awards history. Viewers will be eager to learn if anything more is revealed regarding why he felt the need to invoke Bill Clinton along with the FromSoftware title.

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