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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boss tier list

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been generating a lot of buzz since its release in March 2023. Team Ninja's latest offering is set during the Three Kingdoms era in Ancient China and has been categorized as a Soulslike game.

The game features 23 distinct bosses, each with unique abilities and attack patterns, making it a challenging experience for players who must exercise patience and careful strategy to emerge victorious.


This article will rate the bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty from S-tier to D-tier, which are the most challenging to the easiest battles in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

Ranking the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bosses from best to worst

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty tier list (Image via Sportskeeda)

S Tier

Blindfolded Boy

Blindfolded Boy is the final boss and the most powerful boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He guides you as a mentor during the beginning of the game but later falls under the control of evil Taoist Yu Ji.


Zhang Liang, General of Man

Zhang Liang is the introductory boss of the game but unlike typical RPG games, he is not the easiest. This boss is extremely tanky and has two phases.

Lu Bu (Human Form)


In his human form, Lu Bu is one of the toughest bosses because of his two move sets, which he switches at random times. The first move set is on his horse where he performs mid-air slam attacks. The other one is on the ground where he charges his Halbert, which can only be countered by parrying. He also shoots arrows during both phases.

A Tier

Lu Bu (Demon Form)

Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gets possessed by Yu Ji and transforms into a Centaur-like demon form. Although he has a significantly higher health bar, he is easier to beat due to the weapon and skill upgrades during the late game. He performs ranged fire attacks, but they can be countered easily by parrying.


Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun is a boss who is easy to read but he never stays in the same position, making him tough to hit. This boss is not tough to take down but requires a lot of patience. He generally spams charged attacks when dropping from the air.

Liu Bei

Liu Bei performs a combination of melee and magic attacks in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He is the brother of Zhang Fei who gets captured by Yuan Shao and later gets transformed into a demon.

Zhang Liao


Zhang Liao is not a tanky opponent but spams a lot of attacks in a short span that can only be countered by parrying. He also deals a lot of damage even while guarding, so you will be required to parry every attack.


Aoye is one of the most hated boss fights in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is certainly not a tough one, but it is unfair. Aoye is a possessed four-horned bull that performs area damage. It is moderately tanky and impairs vision when you get close, making its attacks tough to parry.

Sun Jian

Sun Jian is a white tiger with hands covered in blood. He can perform a large amount of damage with a missed parry, but you only require a handful of parries to take down his spirit bar.


Hua Xiong

Hua Xiong is not the toughest fight but the archer supporting him from far away makes it difficult. He guards the gateway to Hulaoguan Pass and is one of the most frustrating fights in the game.


Zhang Bao, General of Earth

Zhang Bao can quickly teleport to different portions of the map but can be caught easily. He performs a set of ranged attacks but does not deal much damage with them. He is moderately tanky, but spamming attacks will result in critical hits that take him down in a short time.

Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven


Zhang Jiao's animations are easy to read, and he mostly performs lightning and thunder attacks. Countering his attack by parrying is reasonably easy and critical damage seriously affects his health pool.

Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo mostly performs melee attacks and sometimes shoots his spears at projectiles while leaping around. He has a low resistance to attacks and his ranged attacks can easily be dodged. He also only deals a small amount of damage, making him an easy boss to take down.

Yu Ji / Embodiment of the Demonic Qi

In his human form, Yu Ji deals mostly with ranged attacks which can be avoided by sprinting towards the Taoist and spamming attacks to take down his spirit bar and health simultaneously.


When defeated, he transforms into the Embodiment of the Demonic Qi. The dragon mostly stays in the air, so parrying perfectly is your best shot, which makes it fall off. You can then spam him to deal a significant amount of damage and end the fight.


Yan Liang and Wen Chou

Yian Liang and his brother Wen Chou are officers in Yuan Shao's army, and they transform into demons after consuming the elixir made by Yu Ji.

Despite being considered an iconic duo similar to Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls, they are not as challenging and can be defeated easily with a few attacks.



Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty performs ranged and charged attacks with the help of her tails. Although some attacks are unblockable, parrying them stuns her and also massively takes down her spirit bar, making her vulnerable to a few weapon swings that could result in a critical hit.

Zhang Rang

Zhang Rang's power allows him to produce clones and perform lightning and ranged attacks. While this may seem like an unfair advantage, the fight is actually quite simple for fast-paced players. The clones are initially slow and can be easily defeated with just a few hits.

Zhang Rang is not very effective at countering or blocking attacks, which causes him to lose his spirit bar and health quickly. This makes him susceptible to critical blows, making it easier to defeat him.


Yuan Shao


The General of the Runan Commandery, Yuan Shao is one of the easiest bosses to take down in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He is a slow boss who generally deals ice attacks and performs melee damage. He puts his shield up most of the time, but it can be easily penetrated to perform both spirit damage and health damage, making the fight a walk in the park.


Zhuyan is a gorilla in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that performs slow attacks with its claws. The demon's attacks can be parried easily, which stuns it and provides a window to damage it with a few hits, destroying the spirit bar and making it vulnerable to critical hits.



The boar of Zhang Bao, Fengxi mostly deals slow area damage attacks. The slow nature of its attacks makes it easy to parry them and deal massive damage to its spirit bar.


Taotie is one of the easier bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He performs slow stomping attacks that deal area damage but can be easily dodged or even parried to destroy his spirit bar, making him susceptible to critical attacks in his eyes.

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