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Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes waits in his team garage prior to qualifying for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 26, 2007. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

F1 Throwback: A 12-year-old Lewis Hamilton speaks of his racing aspirations: “Must be very powerful”

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is all set to rock the world of F1 again as the 2023 season is imminent. The Briton, however, wasn't always the great sportsperson that he is today. He had very humble beginnings, and a video of a 12-year-old Hamilton shows just that.

In an interview conducted back in 1997 by Black Britain to showcase the talent of a young Hamilton, the Briton was just beginning his rise to the top of the game. Back then, he had just won his second major junior championship title.

Phenomenal video of a 12 year old Lewis Hamilton on his ambitions to become a Formula 1 driver.

He’s incredibly mature and poised for his age

Clips of Formula 1 greats like Lewis Hamilton keep turning up on various social media platforms now and then. This interview with Hamilton from 1997, however, is sure to impress you. No one back then knew that the kid was going to become one of the greatest drivers in all of motorsports.

The interview shows how Lewis Hamilton's father had to take up different jobs to pay off his son's karting bills and all the hardships they had to face. It also shows how Hamilton's skin color and consequent racism affected him at the start of his career. All this shows how mature and poised he was right from that young age. No wonder the young kid from the video is now the man to beat in Formula 1.


Lewis Hamilton once snubbed childhood hero Ayrton Senna as Mercedes driver revealed the 'most all-round driver'


Lewis Hamilton has, on many occasions, hailed childhood hero Ayrton Senna as his idol in motorsports. The seven-time champion even wears yellow helmets in Senna's honor. The Mercedes driver, however, once snubbed his hero when he was asked to name the most all-round driver in F1.

In an interview with F1.com in 2014, the Briton was asked who, according to him, was the most complete champion in F1. Hamilton said:

"I think the most all-round driver was maybe Juan Manuel Fangio: he was skilled and he was able to do things with the car that no one else was."

Ayrton Senna, however, holds a special place for Hamilton as he idolized the Brazilian when he was growing up. The Briton said:

"When you are growing up and watching F1 you have one perspective, but then when you are in the sport you realize how technical it is and how much work really goes into it that you don’t see from the outside. So it is really difficult to know, but thinking back Ayrton (Senna) was my favourite in terms of pure ability and aggression - and, generally from what I’ve seen, his values."

Now, Hamilton must be preparing for the 2023 season after going through what was probably the worst season of his career in 2022. The late stages of the 2022 season, however, showed a lot of promise for him and Mercedes, almost guaranteeing a stronger performance from the Briton in the 2023 season. One thing is for sure, Hamilton will be determined to turn his fortunes around.

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