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  • “I don't even like podcasts”: Max Verstappen jokes about the viral post-race meme
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen of the Netherlands celebrates on the podium after winning the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, central Japan, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023. (AP Photo/Toru Hanai)

“I don't even like podcasts”: Max Verstappen jokes about the viral post-race meme

Max Verstappen joked about not liking podcasts and wondering why the cool-down room conversations were named as his podcast.

Speaking at the post-race press conference, the Dutchman felt the cool down room conversations needed a better name than being called the ‘Max Verstappen’ podcast.


Having taken the center seat of the cool-down room for the majority of the season or all races barring the Singapore GP, the chatter in the room has been called the ‘Max Verstappen’ podcast.

The moments drivers have as they cool down after the race before going to the podium have witnessed the Dutchman as a constant for all races. The reigning champion is known to discuss all the races and their moments as they watch a recap together before heading to the podium.

Asked how he felt about hosting the so-called podcast and the emotions behind the scenes, Max Verstappen said:

“Yeah, I don't even know who came up with that because I don't even like podcasts, they make me fall asleep. So I don't know. Maybe we can call it something different. Or come up with something a bit more fun.”

Chiming in to his reply, Oscar Piastri said:

“Yeah, I don't know, I was just happy to be a guest.”

To which the Dutchman responded:

“You can be a guest of anything. Yeah, it's nice. I think it's natural, right, when you see some footage of the race and you talk about it as drivers too quickly when you see some shots. Nowadays everything gets recorded. Fortunately when the camera’s there can’t say everything you want to say.”

Admitting his dislike for podcasts in particular, Max Verstappen felt the cool-down room chatter needed to have another name. He felt it was just a normal activity where drivers talk. He felt it needed a name that was more fun.

As Piastri chimed in and stated he was glad to be a guest, the Dutchman felt it was a nice chat as drivers cooled down after a race and discussed some race highlights. He lamented at some of the chat they couldn’t have in that room as everything was recorded on camera.

Max Verstappen feels the 2023 season has been better than the 2022 season for Red Bull

With a dominant run of 14 victories, out of which he claimed 12 himself, Max Verstappen believes the 2023 season has been better than the previous one.

In 2022, the Red Bull team had reliability issues at the beginning of the season as their car struggled in the opening races, but they were able to turn it around within the first quarter of the year.


However, in 2023, it has been a dominant run with no rivals within their reach, resulting in them tumbling records and racking up their own statistics. The Dutchman felt the RB19 has had a smoother run compared to its predecessor, the RB18.

Asked if the constructor’s title felt different this year compared to last year, Max Verstappen said:

“It’s better, for sure. The car has been more dominant this year, apart from Singapore – but all the races we’ve had a really, really good car. It’s just an incredible season for everyone involved within the team and yeah, just very proud to be a part of it but also very proud to be working with all of these amazing people here at the track but also especially back at the factory as well."

He further stated:

"These people you might not see at the track but they are doing also a lot of hard work to make sure that our cars are always in the best shape, get developed throughout the year, and also be best prepared for the year after.”

Wrapping up their sixth constructors title with six races left on the calendar, the Red Bull Racing team has won every single race apart from Singapore. Apart from two victories for Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen has won 12 of the 14 rounds won by Red Bull.

The Dutchman is expected to wrap up his third title at the 2023 Qatar GP on October 8. Having won ten consecutive races in a row, the double champion broke Sebastian Vettel's record of nine consecutive victories from the 2013 season.

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