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Charles Leclerc during the the drivers' press conference ahead of the 2019 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

"I've completely lost track": When Charles Leclerc was hilariously left dumbfounded by an interviewer's question

Charles Leclerc was once left dumbfounded after an extremely long question in the drivers' press conference prior to the 2019 F1 Abu Dhabi GP. Even Max Verstappen and Kevin Magnussen, who were in the room, reacted in confusion.

During drivers' press conferences, there are many reporters from all around the world. A reporter named Walter Koster, who was not so fluent in English, asked Leclerc to rank his top five worst races.


However, the long-winding manner in which the question was asked was quite amusing to everyone, including the drivers. After the question finally ended, Charles Leclerc humorously mentioned how long it was, saying:

"That was a long question! Congratulations!"

After that, Leclerc humorously asked Kevin Magnussen to answer instead, while Max Verstappen could be seen giggling as well. The charade went on for quite some time until Tom Clarkson, the F1 presenter, simplified the question by asking Charles Leclerc to rank his five worst races.

Eventually, the Ferrari driver was only able to mention two — the Brazilian GP and the Monaco GP.


Charles Leclerc disappointed after poor performance in the Spanish GP

Charles Leclerc once again had an unfortunate 2023 F1 Spanish GP. He finished out of the points in 11th place, while his teammate Carlos Sainz finished fifth. Speaking to Sky Sports about the car, he said:

"I don't understand what we are doing wrong but we are doing something wrong. I went from a first hard to a second hard in the last stint, did the same thing and the car is behaving in a completely different way. We have to understand and work but it's been a few races now where we are struggling with the conditions or having a really peaky car and today is no better."
Charles' message and recap of the #SpanishGP

Though Leclerc admitted that the new upgrades improved the car, he felt the limitations in other areas. The Monagasque concluded:

"It did. But the limitations were the opposite. Yesterday, I could not drive, I had a rear that was super loose and strange. We will analyse all of this at the factory. Today was mostly the front. The feeling was a little bit better today. The second and third stints were quite a bit better. The first stint was really bad but I think that was more tyre related."

Currently, the Ferrari driver is in seventh position in the drivers' championship table with 42 points.

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