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2023 F1 Japanese Grand Prix: What is the F1 weather forecast this weekend?

F1 will head to one of its beloved circuits in Suzuka for another edition of the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. The track is regarded as one of the best on the calendar, which every F1 driver and fan looks forward to.

Last year, Max Verstappen won his second consecutive world championship and displayed one of the best drives of his career in the wet city of Suzuka.


However, it looks like the circuit will not experience the same amount of torrential rain that it did in the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix. It is expected to be calmer and sunny this weekend this time around.

As per Williams F1's official website, below is the weather forecast for the three days at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix:

Friday - FP1 and FP2


Forecast: The heaviest rain of the weekend is forecasted for Friday with FP1 having a higher chance of rain falling than FP2, but the threat remains throughout the day.

Highest Temperature: 30C / 86F


Chance of precipitation: 58%

Saturday - FP3 and Quali

Forecast: The conditions are predicted to remain sunny throughout the day with some light breeze.

Highest Temperature: 29C / 84F


Chance of precipitation: 0%

Sunday - Race

Forecast: The sunny conditions with some gentle breeze will be the perfect weather for the main race on Sunday.

Highest temperature: 28C / 82F

Chance of precipitation: 2%

Alex Albon predicts Williams' fortunes at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

The Williams F1 driver is confident that the Suzuka track would suit their car more than it did in Singapore where he was close to getting into the points.

In the pre-race press conference, Alex Albon said:

"It's more just about the circuit itself. I think it's, kind of, low-braking, high-speed kind of corners around here. And that's actually a style that suits us."
"We've got some proto tires to test this weekend. I think that's going to be quite interesting just to see, and give us a lot of mileage, basically, as drivers, to be on low fuel or get the most out of it."

Albon also claimed that the Suzuka track is his favorite on the calendar, adding:

"Yeah, yeah, I love this circuit. I think it's actually my favorite circuit of the year. It's that feeling that you can really drive the corners and really feel what it's like to drive a Formula 1 car.

It will be fascinating to see how Alex Albon and Williams fare at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. They will look to extend their gap on their rivals in their fight for 7th in the Constructors Championship.

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