The Alfa Romeo C43 (Image - Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake on Twitter)

Alfa Romeo makes a huge blunder during 2023 car launch as the Swiss outfit accidentally leaks C43 livery

Alfa Romeo was next in line to reveal their 2023 challenger, the C43, in Zurich, Switzerland. The event was attended by Alunni Bravi, the team's representative, Andreas Seidl, their new CEO, Jan Monchaux (technical director), and the team's driver lineup, Guanyu Zhou and Valtteri Bottas.

Though the team is owned by the Sauber Group, they have been carrying the Alfa Romeo name and colors for the past couple of seasons, however, a few different colors were shining bright on the C43. After the rise in the team's performance in the previous season, more is expected from them in 2023 and fans were pleased to see the car and took to Twitter to express it.


The team revealed their livery a little earlier than scheduled by accident, which caught the eye of fans on social media. While it was a laughing stock, the new colors were amazing to many. Here are some of the best reactions to the same.

Alfa Romeo took car leaking game to a whole new level.
red bull: hour long stream, reveal at the END

williams: straight to the car interviews after

alfa romeo: leaked their own car during the launch
Did Alfa Romeo just accidentally leak their own car?
that alfa romeo livery…
Alfa Romeo has accidentally leaked the car... On the screens right behind their presenters.

Only in F1.
Alfa Romeo have just leaked their own Livery on their car reveal 🤦‍♂️

What does the future hold for Alfa Romeo and the Sauber Group?

As mentioned above, the Sauber Group has been running their cars under the Alfa Romeo tag since the 2019 season. However, this will soon change again after the new engine regulations will kick in from the 2026 season. Many engine suppliers have been interested in joining the sport and Audi is one of them.

The brand reached an agreement with Sauber to take over as their power unit supplier (which is currently Ferrari) with increased electrical power and new fuel regulations.

They will be rebranded as the Audi Works F1 team, and there could perhaps be a surge in the performance that the team is currently experiencing. Although there is enough time for this to happen, there is a lot that holds for the team.


As for the near future, the team has an amazing pairing of Guanyu Zhou's young blood and Valtteri Bottas' experience in winning races. This did work pretty well for the team in the past season, but many believe that there were many opportunities that the team missed due to reasons like reliability issues.

However, as the new season kicks in, Alunni Bravi stated that the team has not fixed any targets but they are hoping to continue their progress in the development of the car.

Alfa Romeo's driver lineup is the same as their previous season and is expected to perform much better with the C43 though their technical director stated that the mid-field could be a predictable outcome despite being 'more compressed.'

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