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  • Carlos Sainz explains Ferrari's weaknesses after a tough home race at the 2023 F1 Spanish GP
Sainz at F1 Grand Prix of Spain

Carlos Sainz explains Ferrari's weaknesses after a tough home race at the 2023 F1 Spanish GP

Carlos Sainz feels Ferrari tends to be worse in race pace as well as in high-speed corners, which ultimately led to the team's disappointing performance in Barcelona. The Spaniard had a solid weekend overall as he was able to qualify on the front row. The race however did not go as planned.

After qualifying on the front row, Carlos Sainz was first overtaken by Lewis Hamilton on track and then by both George Russell and Sergio Perez via strategy. The Ferrari driver had no pace to compete with any of them in the race and as a result, there wasn't much he could do.


Talking to Sky Sports, Carlos Sainz admitted that he tried his best all race but P5 was the best that the car could give. He also talked about the areas where Ferrari fall short of the competition:

"I put even harder work in today [than yesterday], it just doesn't show. Unfortunately this is our situation. We know race pace and high speed corners is our weakness. Unfortunately, Barcelona has high degradation tarmac, high degradation configuration and a lot of high-speed corners."

He added:

"That's why we were struggling out there. Also, the unpredictability of the car. I did everything I could. I did the most optimal driving and stints I could do but unfortunately P5 was the best I could achieve."


Ferrari just needs time: Carlos Sainz

The Spanish driver admitted that the team had identified the weaknesses and are working on getting things right. Sainz also cited the Lewis Hamilton-George Russell Mercedes double podium as an inspiration for the team to do a better job and make improvements.

He said:

"We have identified our weaknesses and know where we are lacking. The feedback is there and intention is there. We just need time, to keep trying, keep bringing things to improve the package. Mercedes today proved they have done a good step and it's a good reference."

He added:

"We will try our best, I see the team is united, the team is pushing flat our back at Maranello. We possibly just put the upgrade on the worst possible circuit for us, which also doesn't help."

Ferrari haven't had the best of seasons until now in 2023 but what has stood out the most is the team's inability to maximize the results. After finishing P2 in the championship last season, they find itself in P4 right now with things not showing any signs of improvement for now.

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