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  • Carlos Sainz suggests following F2 and F3 qualifying format in Monaco - “It’s too dangerous”
Carlos Sainz will start the 2023 Monaco GP in P4.

Carlos Sainz suggests following F2 and F3 qualifying format in Monaco - “It’s too dangerous”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has suggested that Formula 1 should split the first qualifying segment of the Monaco Grand Prix into two groups.

In a traditional qualification session, the first 18 minutes (Q1) sees all 20 cars take to the track, with the slowest five eliminated once the chequered flag drops. While there are no issues normally, qualification in Monano's notoriously small and narrow track leads to a pile-up of cars.


To ensure there's no crowding on the track, Formula 2 and Formula 3 use a qualifying format that sees the session split into two groups. Sainz believes that F1 should adopt a similar approach to the Monaco GP. He said (via motorsportweek):

“Q1 is too much. And I think with these wide cars and everything it’s too dangerous, and we should find a way to split into 10 cars the qualifying. One team each, and I’m pretty sure that that would facilitate all the mess that we saw in Q1.”

Sainz had a decent qualifying session on Saturday, May 27, and finished in P6. However, the Spaniard has been promoted to P4 after teammate Charles Leclerc was handed a three-place grid penalty for impeding Lando Norris.


While the track in Monaco offers little chance of overtaking, Sainz remains hopeful of securing his first podium of the 2023 season in Monte-Carlo. He said:

“I think we have a strong chance of getting ourselves back on the podium if we execute a good race. But at the same time we need think that it’s going to be a long one, that we haven’t done a good job on Saturday, and that we’ll probably pay the price tomorrow because we’re too far behind.”

He added:

“So, not happy about today, we should’ve been starting further up. With a clean lap or with a, let’s say, less distracting lap or with a cleaner-air lap.”

Carlos Sainz reveals that FIA are looking into red flag-causing crashes during Monaco GP qualifying


Carlos Sainz has revealed that the FIA are looking into 'intentional' crashes during the Monaco GP weekend that causes red flags, especially during the all-important qualifying session.

Over the years, several drivers have been unable to set their final timed lap at the end of the qualifying session due to red flags being waved after someone crashes on the circuit, thereby ending the session early. With the probability of crashes being high on the Monaco street circuit, this has caused anguish to many drivers in the past season.

While happy that the FIA are looking into the issue, Sainz wondered how the FIA will differentiate between racing incidents and intentional crashes. He said (via PlanetF1):

“It is a rule that the drivers have tried to put on the table because when you have a front row on the first try, you always go to the second with less to lose with the others.”

The Ferrari driver added:

“It is true that the FIA already told us in Baku that they are going to be looking with a magnifying glass and if it seems half-intentional they are going to review it. But how can they know if it is intentional or not?”
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