Ocon and Gasly have been seen spending time with each other recently.

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly put their rivalry behind as Alpine duo spend time together at Lapland Ice Driving

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly appear to have put the past behind them as the two drivers were seen spending time together at Lapland Ice Driving.

In a session organised by Castrol in Lapland, both Alpine drivers were accompanied by MotoGP star Alex Rins and Peter Solberg. A tweet shared by Solberg read:

"What a great couple of days with the @Castrol family in Lapland giving @OconEsteban, @PierreGASLY, and @Rins42 a taste of our 600bhp DS3, and having fun going fast and sideways on the ice!"
What a great couple of days with the @Castrol family in Lapland 🤩 giving @OconEsteban, @PierreGASLY and @Rins42 a taste of our 600bhp DS3, and having fun going fast and sideways on the ice!

Ocon too shared a few pictures of him and Gasly with the caption.

"Unreal fun , cold af"

The two drivers have been spotted spending time together often during the winter break. The two were last seen with Charles Leclerc watching a basketball game in the US.

Seeing both Ocon and Gasly together drew funny reactions from fans. Here are a few of them:

"I feel like they're trying so hard to be friends."
"I hope they're paying you overtime"
"alpine forcing the two to be besties in force kkkkkkkkkkk"
a alpine obrigando os dois a serem besties na marra kkkkkkkkkkk twitter.com/oconesteban/st…
"Yes, envelope, sometimes I forget that Alpine is a French team with two drivers from France and only a different base, alias living in England. Almost meets local pride standards."
Ya amplop, kadang lupa kalo Alpine adalah tim Perancis dengan dua driver asal Perancis dan cuma markasnya yang beda alias bermukim di Inggris. Hampir memenuhi standar lokal pride. twitter.com/oconesteban/st…
"I never imagined that I would see the two bffs, making intensivão so in the first beat they come out with a punch 💀"
nunca imaginei que ia ver os dois bffs, fazendo intensivão pra na primeira batida saírem no soco twitter.com/oconesteban/st…
"Alpine putting in the contract that besties are obliged to live with"
a alpine colocando no contrato que os besties são obrigados a conviver twitter.com/OconEsteban/st…

Pierre Gasly confident Alpine stint will be better than Red Bull

Pierre Gasly feels his stint at Alpine will be much better than how his stay at Red Bull panned out.

The driver was promoted far too early to the team and was unable to do a good enough job to stay beyond half a season. Four years later, Gasly feels he's much better prepared to tackle the challenge:

"It feels like it was an eternity ago that I was with Red Bull, and since then, so much has happened, professionally and personally. I'm a lot more confident that this is going to be very successful, I have no doubt about it. 2019, even if you think it's only three years ago, I think personally I've evolved a lot."

It will be interesting to see how the Esteban Ocon-Pierre Gasly partnership evolves this season.

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