Sebastian Vettel's reminisced about an incident he had in India in 2013 (Photo by Getty Images)

F1 Throwback: Sebastian Vettel reveals his 'Only in India' moment

Sebastian Vettel's time in India during the existence of the F1 Indian GP has been filled with celebrations and victories for Red Bull, the most memorable of course in 2013. Not only did he win the race that day, but also his fourth and final World Championship. Coincidentally, it was also the final F1 Indian GP held to date. There was, however, more that happened to him after his win as he revealed in 2020.

When a fan asked Vettel about his time in India, he remembered that he enjoyed his time racing around the Buddh International Circuit as he won all the GPs that were held there. He, however, also had an interesting story to share.

Sebastian Vettel

India, 27th of October 2013

After winning the championship in 2013, Sebastian Vettel revealed that he was hungover post the celebration party. So when driving to the airport the next morning, he was awestruck to see an elephant on the road. He stated that he couldn't believe what he was seeing so he had to confirm it with his driver. He said:

"Please don't tell me I am that drunk that there is an elephant on the road, and he said 'no no, there is really an elephant on the road.'"
*Inaudible* "There's an elephant in the middle of the road, only in India!"


Twitter reacts to Sebastian Vettel's throwback to India

Sebastian Vettel is a beloved figure in India, and as hilarious as his story was, there were some equally hilarious reactions to the same on Twitter.

Here are some of the best reactions to his time in India:

The story of Sebastian Vettel and the Elephant in India
even they knows elephant in India ffs…
The story of Sebastian Vettel and the Elephant in India
The year is 2045, I'm telling this story to my kids
Probably they will tell this story to their kids as well, I hope so…
The story of Sebastian Vettel and the Elephant in India
ok boy if you loved it so much come back here now…
The story of Sebastian Vettel and the Elephant in India

Indian Fans hope to see the return of F1's Indian Grand Prix

With the cancelation of the F1 Chinese Grand Prix yet again for the upcoming season, there have been talks about a potential replacement. While many are hoping for Hockenheim to return, fans in India have certainly been waiting for something else.

2013 was the last time an F1 race was held in India. It was later canceled due to disagreements with the Government of India over the taxing of the sport. With MotoGP returning to the venue in 2023, along with a Formula E race in Hyderabad, fans feel that F1 should reconsider making a return as well. While this is unlikely to happen, there is still a ray of hope amongst fans.

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