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Race winner Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull Racing and Third placed Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes talk during a press conference

How Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are 'diametrically opposite' according to F1 pundit

F1 pundit Mark Gallagher recently stated that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are diametrically opposite in terms of how they approach racing.

Hamilton and Verstappen are two of the most recognisable drivers in the world right now and have a fierce rivalry on track as well. However, despite going all out on the racing track when they are battling against each other, both drivers are very different and lead contrasting lives off the track.


Speaking with PlanetF1, Mark Gallagher mentioned that while Lewis Hamilton is out and about in the world and is interested in music and fashion, Max Verstappen is an out-and-out racer and even has his own iRacing team. He said:

"He is diametrically the opposite of Lewis, his way of switching off from F1 is to immerse himself in music and fashion. Max can’t operate, and doesn’t want to operate, on that basis. He doesn’t want to switch off from racing, because he loves racing too much."
"That’s literally what he most enjoys doing. So it’s a much more straightforward personality in that respect. Not that multi-dimensional. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why some people find Max too much of an automaton, there’s not much more to him than what you see."

F1 pundit expands on Max Verstappen's lack of concern regarding his marketability

Gallagher stated that Max Verstappen is not worried about his image or his marketability in the world. He believes that the Dutch driver is just concerned and focused about winning and is hailed a superstar in his home country. He said:

"I don’t think Max is worried about his marketability, globally. I don’t think his manager is worried about his marketability globally, because his career and things are outstanding. He’s got his endorsement contracts, there will be more, he is obviously a total superstar at home in the Netherlands."
"At home in the Netherlands, he is every bit the superstar there as Lewis Hamilton is in the UK, possibly even more so if I may say so and that’s only because Lewis has a lot of competition from a lot of other top sports stars here in the UK, plus you’ve got Premiership football here."

Max Verstappen Is the highest paid salaried driver on the grid courtesy of his long-term contract with Red Bull that will see him racing with the team until the end of the 2028 season.

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