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Sebastian Vettel builds bee hives around the Suzuka circuit during previews ahead of the 2023 F1 Japanese Grand Prix. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

"I don't belong here anymore": Sebastian Vettel on his emotions upon coming back to the F1 paddock

Sebastian Vettel has opened up about his feelings on returning to F1 paddocks after his retirement.

The German has dedicated his entire life to motor racing, having participated in F1 for 15 years. Even though he was present at the 2023 F1 Japanese GP to promote his bee hotel project 'Buzzin' Corner', the 36-year-old somewhat felt distant from the sport.


While speaking to Channel 4 before the Japanese GP, Vettel stated how he felt worse at the Monaco GP since it was the very first race he attended after retiring. Although he had a purpose to be at the Japanese GP, Vettel still felt that he did not belong there.

"Monaco was worse in a way, because it was the very first time coming back, and now I sort of have a purpose [at Suzuka]. But it's a bit strange because I don't—I don't want to be weird—but I don't belong here anymore, like I don't have the home of a team; and you know, I'm not driving. But I also feel like it's a huge chance to step off [from F1] and step into a different world, and learn and grow in a different way," he explained.
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Nonetheless, Vettel was happy to take a step back from F1 and venture into a new path where he is currently raising awareness about climate change and biodiversity by starting various projects.

During the Japanese GP practice sessions, Vettel also stated how he misses racing and that it hurts to see F1 cars around Suzuka Circuit and realize that he is not racing anymore.


Nico Rosberg gives his take on Sebastian Vettel's return to F1

Former F1 driver Nico Rosberg recently stated that if the right opportunity arises, Sebastian Vettel could make a return to the sport. Rosberg explained how the four-time world champion enjoys racing in Formula 1 and that it would make sense for him if a door opens in the near future.

Rosberg also mentioned how fans would also love to see Vettel return to the grid.

“He’s only been out for a short moment now and why not if the right opportunity arises? Why not think about it? If he would enjoy it, then it makes sense for him to keep the door open. Of course, all the fans in the world would love him to come back as he’s so popular as well,” he told Sky Sports.
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It is safe to say that Sebastian Vettel still misses the sport dearly but is also happy and enthusiastic about his future in other ventures.

Only time will tell whether he will return to F1 or not.

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