The Singapore GP was rather shambolic for Max Verstappen (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images,)

"I bottomed out completely"- Max Verstappen on why he had to start 2022 F1 Singapore GP 'all over again'

Max Verstappen revealed that the car bottomed out completely when he was about to overtake Lando Norris. The Red Bull driver did not have the best race in Singapore. He had a poor start and dropped back to P12. From that point onwards, he made his way through the field and went up to P5. During the safety car restart, Verstappen tried to move past Lando Norris. However, the inside part of the track was still wet, and the Red Bull driver went straight on and damaged his tires.

From there, Max Verstappen dropped back, pitted for new tires, made his way back through the field, and finished in P7. As he explained the incident, the Dutch driver admitted that he did not enjoy the race. He said,

"Zero. This is not what I enjoy. I tried to go for a move on Lando but somehow I completely bottomed out as soon as I hit the brakes so the front wheels went in the air and I must have really locked up because I had massive flatspots. So I had to pit again and put new tyres on. I got back in the points, but it is of course not what we wanted and after yesterday [in qualifying] we cannot ask for miracles."

Max Verstappen was somewhat pragmatic as well, explaining that he could look at the positives as he still had a huge lead. Having said that, the driver asserted that he races to win every weekend. He said,

That is normally not the problem, I think we are still 104 in the lead, but it is just a very frustrating weekend. I can of course say it doesn't matter, we have five races left and we have a big lead, but I want to have a good weekend every single time and we had a really terrible weekend. It started, of course, yesterday with the big f--- up in qualifying."


It's not where we want to be: Max Verstappen

The Dutch driver revealed a chunk of his frustrations were cemented by the team's error on Saturday (when he was filled with 5 instead of 6 laps of fuel). He admitted that a P7 result is not where the team wants to be and hence they need to be better. Verstappen said,

"It's not where we want to be. Yesterday, you put yourself in a spot like that and it can either work brilliantly and you can drive back to the front or it's very frustrating like we had. "Seventh is better than eighth but it's not what I'm here for, not with a car like that and what we showed in practice. It's just incredibly messy."
A messy and frustrating weekend for me that ended in P7 today. This is not where we want to be, but we move on to Japan I’m looking forward to race on the great track in Suzuka, next week

Congrats to @SChecoPerez on the win today, a very strong performance

Max Verstappen still holds a hefty lead in the championship and could seal the title in Japan with a win and the fastest lap in the race.

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