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Lewis Hamilton has cleared his stance at parenthood in the near future (image from X)

"I enjoy being an uncle" - Lewis Hamilton gives his take on having kids in the present

In a recent interview with BLICK, seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton opened up about his stance on parenthood, making it clear that while he cherishes his role as an uncle, he's not currently looking to embark on the journey of fatherhood.

At the age of 38, Lewis Hamilton, despite having an exceptionally accomplished racing career, is yet to be a father. With the possibility of the Brit hanging his boots in the not-so-distant future, Hamilton was asked about his views on parenthood, and the Mercedes legend clarified,

"Not at the moment. No. I don’t have time for that – I enjoy being an uncle!"

As an uncle, Hamilton clearly relishes the opportunity to bond with his niece Willow and nephew Kaiden, often posting glimpses of himself hanging out with the kids on his social media handle.

When probed about the possibility of shying away from the responsibility of raising children, the Mercedes driver affirmed,

"Exactly, I haven’t decided on this big step yet. I still have goals with the racing car – and everything has to take a back seat."

Lewis Hamilton, while mentioning the struggles of a sound work-life balance, made his stance clear that he is keen on being at his best when it comes to racing. He stated:

"I want to do my job 100 percent. Of course, you have to find the necessary balance and compromise with your private life. But fortunately that day has not yet come."

Will Lewis Hamilton have kids after winning his eighth F1 World Championship?

The 36-year-old Mercedes icon, with an illustrious career spanning over a decade, has consistently been at the pinnacle of the sport, clinching a world-record total of seven world championships.

Despite achieving greatness in the sport, Lewis Hamilton still eyes the coveted eighth World title, a feat that would see him leapfrog Michael Schumacher's record.


When asked if an eighth World title would potentially alter his perspective on starting a family, Hamilton responded:

"I never said that the eighth title was a stop signal for me. But I'll only know that when I actually get there."

While the prospect of Lewis Hamilton as a father remains a tantalizing possibility for fans and well-wishers, for now, the racing world can rest assured that Hamilton's commitment to excellence on the track remains as steadfast as ever.

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