Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel have had a great relationship.

"I can't see Seb doing a 9 to 5 job" - Red Bull boss Christian Horner does not think Sebastian Vettel will return to F1

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner does not see Sebastian Vettel taking up a management role in Formula 1.

The German retired last season from F1 as the possibility of him getting into a top team had shrunk considerably. Helmut Marko had revealed in an interview after Vettel's retirement that he could see the German joining Red Bull in a management role.


Horner, however, does not think that will be the case as he feels Vettel is not someone cut out to do a "nine to five" job. In an interview on YouTube channel ams.F1, when asked if the envisioned the former Red Bull driver coming back to the team in some management role, Horner said:

"I don't think so. I can't see Seb [Sebastian Vettel] doing a nine to five job or moving to the UK and I think there's so many other things in his life that he wants to do and achieve. And you know, with his family."

He added:

"He's a little bit of a free spirit and he has many projects that he's hugely passionate about. So I think there's certain things in Formula One other than the driving that he obviously felt conflicted about."

Horner stated that maybe a role like 'an environmental advisor' was more in line with what Vettel would want to do. He said:

"So maybe to Formula 1 as the environmental advisor, that might be something, you know, that he can take and use his passion. But I think, in the day to day operation of a team, I'd be surprised, very surprised if he were to get involved in that."
Seb is not pleased with the FIA’s stance over political remarks 🤬

#F1 #SebastianVettel #SV5

Sebastian Vettel hopes F1 drivers have the courage to stand up for their opinions

Commenting on FIA's clampdown on drivers expressing political opinions, Sebastian Vettel felt that it was not the most sensible move and hoped that the F1 drivers would remain courageous enough to voice their opinion.


He said:

"I believe it is absolutely important to take a stand on some issues, and we have also seen in recent years that more and more positions have been taken. To steer against it now somehow does not make so much sense. But of course I hope that the guys in Formula 1 continue to have the courage to stand up for their opinions and to express them."
Seb is not pleased with the FIA’s stance over political remarks 🤬

#F1 #SebastianVettel #SV5

Sebastian Vettel was last seen racing in the "Race of Champions" in Sweden, where he lost out in the semifinals against Mick Schumacher.

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