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  • "It’s a bit like having s*x with an inflated doll" - Former F1 driver Robert Kubica's weird analogy for Formula-E
Robert Kubica of Poland and Alfa Romeo F1 walks in the paddock prior to practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

"It’s a bit like having s*x with an inflated doll" - Former F1 driver Robert Kubica's weird analogy for Formula-E

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica recently tried explaining the sensation of driving a Formula E car by making a weird analogy, comparing it to an "inflated doll".

The Polish driver was one of the most feared drivers on the Formula 1 grid before his accident in the 2010 season that saw him suffer life-threatening injuries. But he made a comeback to the pinnacle of motorsport in the 2019 season, driving for William F1 alongside then rookie George Russell.


The comeback did not plan out how he intended though; despite scoring the team's only points in the season, he found himself out of a drive at the end of 2019. Since then, Kubica has competed in several other motorsport series, including WEC.

On the Gurulandia podcast, the former F1 driver claimed that he got an opportunity to drive in Formula E. He compared driving an electric car to have sex with an "inflated doll."

“I’m not against electric track cars, no, in fact, I’ve had some various offers and I’ve refused a lot of money. No, no, for me, a track vehicle or a competitive vehicle, must make noise," he said.
“I have a saying but it’s bad to say it out loud…It’s a bit like having sex with an inflated doll. I remember the smell of petrol. In 2006 in the pit lane, when Alonso’s Renault passed, there was that scent that reminded me of go-karts,” he added.


Former F1 driver Mick Schumacher plans to keep close ties with sport despite not competing in 2024

Former Haas F1 driver Mick Schumacher will race for Alpine in the World Endurance Championship in the 2024 season after failing to get a seat in F1.

Speaking to F1.com, Schumacher said he intends to keep close ties with the sport despite not racing in it.

“I think the important thing for me is not to be outside a car for too long and that's why we are trying to find a spot where we can race next year. Things are looking pretty good, [but] unfortunately not for Formula 1," he said.
“Nonetheless I will be keeping very close ties to Formula 1 and hopefully that will allow me to also prove myself to the people of Formula 1 that I still deserve a chance in the pinnacle of motorsport and that I belong here,” he added.

Mick Schumacher will remain the reserve driver for Mercedes in the 2024 season as well.

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