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Lando Norris reveals 'weird' hobby he picked up with Daniel Ricciardo

Lando Norris has said that both he and former teammate Daniel Ricciardo picked up a 'weird' hobby in photography during their time together at McLaren.

Norris and Daniel Ricciardo teamed up at the start of the 2021 season. Their partnership at McLaren lasted two years before Ricciardo got replaced by Oscar Piastri at the end of the 2022 season.

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Talking to RacingNews365.com, among other media, Norris talked about how he was able to develop a strong relationship with his teammate. He said:

"I think it's something that, with all of my teammates, I've always grown to have good relationships with them. (I) became good friends with them, I think, on and also off the track. (I've) always built a good amount of respect, I believe, between all the drivers that I've been with."

He added:

"Maybe Daniel will go on to say different things in the future! Of course, you get to know each other very well, and it's the guy I worked so closely with, and have done for the past few years."
It simultaneously feels like it's been a long, old season and that it only started yesterday. So much has happenend!

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About the duo's newfound interest in photography, he added:

"So I guess you build a bit of a connection, that you'll miss the guy because we have become, I think, good friends. We've taken up photography together, which is weird! It'll be nice to have Daniel still in the paddock next year. I think he's great for Formula 1; he's an entertainer. I'll miss him, but I'll still see him, so it'll be cool."

Norris (122) ended the 2022 season in seventh place in the driver standings, while Ricciardo (37) finished 11th.


McLaren did not achieve what it should have in 2022 - Lando Norris

Lando Norris recently addressed concerns regarding signing a long-term contract with McLaren.

The young British driver has shown potential to compete with the best on the grid but being associated with McLaren could be a limiting factor. Norris knows that the team did not achieve their target this year, but he's optimistic about what's in store for him at the team. Talking to Sky, he said:

"It's just faith, it's just honesty. That's the main thing I need. I'm not a guy who likes BS or likes people trying to make me happy. I like people just being honest. I have faith in McLaren. I have faith in the guys I work with, the whole team. Time will tell. You can never be 100 per cent certain where you're going to be, but you can have a good shot at it."

He added:

"If I think of before this season, did we achieve in 2022 what we should have done as McLaren? Honestly, it's a no. If we want to do well, and we want to be champions at some point, and we want to win races, we can't be satisfied with where we have been this season, but we can certainly be satisfied with the progress we've made.

The Briton will team up with Oscar Piastri at McLaren next season. The team (159) will hope to fare better after finishing fifth in the constructor championship in 2022.

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