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  • Major development in Felipe Massa's legal case against Lewis Hamilton's title as former FIA president backs the Brazilian
Felipe Massa on the grid prior to the 2023 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix. (Photo by Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images)

Major development in Felipe Massa's legal case against Lewis Hamilton's title as former FIA president backs the Brazilian

Felipe Massa recently received support from former FIA president Jean Todt for his case against the 2008 F1 World Championship and the Singapore GP. Since Todt was the FIA president at that time, he feels that he and his team should have canceled the results of the race where the crashgate incident took place.

In an interview with an Italian media outlet, La Stampa, Todt initially claimed that he does not get involved in any controversies. He understands how psychologically straining it must have been for Felipe Massa when the story of the planned crash from Renault surfaced. Todt remarked that the Singapore GP was rigged and should have been canceled without a doubt.

“I don’t get into the controversy," he said. "For him [Massa], psychologically, it was very hard. Maybe we [the FIA] could have been tougher when the story came out. There is no doubt that the Singapore Grand Prix was rigged and should have been canceled.”
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Information about how Renault orchestrated a crash to let Fernando Alonso win the 2008 F1 Singapore GP surfaced in 2009. At that time, Jean Todt was the newly appointed FIA president. However, nothing was done regarding the controversy back then, and the sport simply moved on with Lewis Hamilton retaining the championship.


Felipe Massa expects Ferrari to be on his side for the 2008 F1 World Championship


Back when Felipe Massa was fighting for the World Championship in 2008, he was in Ferrari. Hence, as he is currently going against the FIA and F1 regarding the 2008 championship being rigged due to the Singapore GP crashgate incident, he expects the Italian team to support him.

Speaking with RacingNews365, the Brazilian said:

"I am still expecting to be together and have support because, in the end, we lost the championship together. I love Ferrari, it is part of my heart and I am definitely a big fan and will be all my life for everything [that happened] during my time with the team, with the fans, the opportunities, and the dreams that I had."
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"So I definitely expect it to be on my side, because we lost the championship together through the manipulation that happened. For the moment, they are quiet, but I really believe they will be on my side, and I really hope that is the case because that is the correct thing for what happened to us. What happened to me, happened to Ferrari as well," added Felipe Massa.

As of now, Massa continues to have a legal battle over the F1 World Championship. He has stated previously that he expects some financial compensation or, ideally, a change in the results of the 2008 F1 season.

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