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Race winner Sebastian Vettel (R) of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing, second placed Mark Webber (C) of Australia and Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Infiniti Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey (L) react on the podium following the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit on March 24, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

"Max is 100% doing this next time": F1 fans look back at the Sebastian Vettel-Mark Webber rivalry on the 10th anniversary of 'Multi-21'

Looking back at the infamous 'Multi-21' incident, which occurred during the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix between Red Bull teammates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, fans feel that something similar could occur between the drivers in the Austrian team's current lineup as well.

A decade ago on this day, with Vettel and Red Bull having already won three consecutive world championships, something unexpected happened at the Malaysian GP.


The German started round 2 of the season in pole position and Webber was back in P4. However, the Australian soon took the lead in the race.

#OnThisDay in 2013, the Multi-21 happened!

Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix ahead of his teammate Mark Webber

#F1 #SebastianVettel #MarkWebber

By the end of the race, Vettel was instructed to follow the 'Multi-21' instruction - not to overtake his teammate and conserve tires. However, with 13 laps remaining, the German disobeyed the orders and attacked his teammate, ultimately winning the race.

Vettel received huge backlash for the same, but some believed that his actions were justified.


Fans compare Max Verstappen's actions to Sebastian Vettel's from a decade back

It would be wrong to say that Red Bull has not been in similar trouble since 2013. Recently, there have been some heated arguments between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who form the Austrian team's current lineup.

On the 10th anniversary of the 'Multi-21' incident, fans took to Twitter to say that something similar would happen again between Red Bull's current drivers.

"Max is 100% doing this next time, I need it, we need it," one user tweeted.
Max is 100% doing this next time, I need it, we need it. twitter.com/EngineMode11/s…
Happy Friday and Happy 10 year anniversary of the infamous “Multi-21” incident!

Vettel disobeyed team orders from Red Bull to stay behind Mark Webber at the Malaysian GP with 13 laps to go, passing Webber around the outside of Turn 4 to snatch the victory from the Australian.
@EngineMode11 Do you think we could see something similar to this with Sergio and Verstappen?
@EngineMode11 If verstappen did this dts fans will say he is arrogant 🤣
@EngineMode11 It's a Redbull thing, same dynamic with Max & Sergio.
"I guess that, in Vettels mind, it was payback..." another user wrote.
@EngineMode11 I guess that, in Vettels mind, it was payback...
@EngineMode11 Before 'good uncle Seb' there was also this Seb. And it was brilliant!!!🥳Some people just forgot about it and now accuse Max about everything. Max + Checo are just Seb + Mark 2.0
@EngineMode11 We need to talk about the multi 12 in Intergalos in the year prior to this.

Vettel justified his decision to disobey team orders at the 2013 Malaysian GP owing to the events of the title-deciding race of 2012 in Brazil. The German feels that Webber battled him into turn 1 at the start of the race, which ultimately led to him colliding with Bruno Senna, making the race extremely hard for him.

Vettel finished the race in P6 and ended up beating Fernando Alonso - who finished P2 - to the world championship by just three points. It is thought that what he did in Malaysia was payback for Brazil.

Meanwhile, Verstappen and Perez had a heated moment in Sao Paulo just last season. During the race, Verstappen was told to give the position to Perez to finish ahead in the race. The Dutchman had already been crowned world champion and was expected to comply. However, he disobeyed the orders and Perez was stuck behind him.

Despite what happened there, both drivers still share a decent relationship, unlike Vettel and Webber.

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