Max Verstappen was a class apart last season

Max Verstappen is 'still developing, still evolving', feels Red Bull boss Christian Horner

Christian Horner feels that reigning world champion Max Verstappen is still evolving, still developing and is yet to peak in his career. The Red Bull driver joined the team in 2016 and won the very first race in Barcelona. Since then, it has been a rollercoaster ride in the first few years as Max Verstappen was still rough around the edges. The driver has matured with the team and is now the best driver on the grid.


He won his first F1 title in 2021 in the last race of the season and got the second win in 2022, a season where he dominated the field. Speaking about Verstappen in an interview with ams.F1, Horner touched on the brilliance shown by Max Verstappen over the last few years. Horner felt that at just 25 years old, Max Verstappen is still evolving and developing, and he still has a lot of improvement left to do to reach his peak. Horner said,

"I think at 25, he's still developing, he's still evolving and I think you know at 21 he was outstanding, 22 he managed to be even better than what he did in 21. And I think that's the exciting thing with Max that as he gains experience he just, he just becomes more rounded and versatile and just deals with pressure incredibly well and I think what he's achieved has been phenomenal."
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He knows what's expected from him: Horner on Max Verstappen's teammate

Speaking about Sergio Perez, Horner commended the Mexican driver's contribution to the team in the last two years. Talking about Perez, Horner felt that even the Mexican driver had shown a level of evolution that was very impressive to see as he contributed to the team winning the title last year. He said:

I think Checo knows exactly what is expected from him and I think being Max Verstappen's teammate is a pretty daunting prospect for any driver. But I think Checo has handled it well and ofcourse he was an integral part of winning the constructors championship and finishing a very close third in the championship last year, winning two Grand Prix, so you know, Check has, again he's evolved since he joined the team in 21.

Both Perez and Verstappen have been able to form a formidable partnership at Red Bull and the 2023 season could prove to be one of the tougher tests as there will be an intense battle at hand against Mercedes and Ferrari.

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