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Mercedes to bring upgrades in W14 to collect data for the development of future car (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Mercedes chief Rosie Wait confirms upgrades to W14 in the upcoming races which will help in development of W15

Mercedes' head of strategy, Rosie Wait, has confirmed that the W14 challenger will be installed with major upgrades that will help in the development of their future car.

Since the start of the season, the Brackley-based outfit has been working on getting their car back to competitive pace. Despite getting closer during the course of the season, it seems that they have regressed again of late.


However, something better might be in store for the team according to Wait, who recently spoke about new upgrades that are planned for the remainder of the season.

"We have upgrades in the pipeline and will continue to be bringing them to the car," she said (via PlanetF1).

Wait added that that the upgrades will have long-term effects on the team's performance.

"There’s plenty of things we can do with the current car which will both make it faster, and aid our learning in understanding to develop next year’s car," she said.

It is apparent that Mercedes have improved in terms of performance from the previous season, where they were really struggling for pace. Lewis Hamilton has been on the podium quite a few times this year and although this is a sign of improvement, the team is still miles behind its target.


New upgrades to W14 targeted around the work on Mercedes W15

A lot of data for the W14 was collected during the development of the W13, and the same seems to be the case for the 2024 season's car as well. This will be the third consecutive season of the team's attempt to get back on the top and win championships.

Rosie Wait further suggested that all the upgrades that will be brought on the car now will be directly related to the development of the W15.

"The new parts we bring to the track hopefully add performance and make the current car go faster but they’re all specifically targeted around areas we need to further our understanding [which] will directly feed into the development of the W15," she said.

There could be more challenges for the team getting ahead, as was evident during the Singapore GP earlier. George Russell had difficulty passing Lando Norris while the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz got to the finish line and won the race, suggesting that other teams are developing well too. That could prove to be yet another obstacle for Mercedes.

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