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Sebastian Vettel retired at the end of last season.

Mike Krack reveals if Sebastian Vettel was approached to replace Lance Stroll in Bahrain

Aston Martin F1 team principal Mike Krack has said that he was tempted to approach Sebastian Vettel as a potential replacement for Lance Stroll in the first race of the season in Bahrain.

The Canadian suffered several injuries to his hands during a cycling accident during the pre-season. That meant he was unable to participate in pre-season testing a week before the race. Many reports emerged that Krack might give Vettel a call and offer him a chance to come out of retirement.


On the F1 Nation podcast, Krack said:

"So we have been in touch. We were in touch for New Year's, but Sebastian was also very Sebastian-like and congratulated us after our first podium in Bahrain. I always told him that it was also his merit because he brought us one step up in the last two years in a lot of areas where we have learned and progressed a lot. Tempted, yes, 100% percent, but we didn't do it because we have such high respect for Sebastian and the decision he made at the time that I think it would not have been correct even to ask."

"Sebastian Vettel got on well with everyone in the team" - Aston Martin mechanic

Aston Martin F1 mechanic Mickey Brown has said that Sebastian Vettel reached out to him and congratulated the team for their success. In an interview with Pitstop, he said:

"Seb got on well with everyone in the team, not just me. He sent me a message on Sunday after the race and was very happy for us. Getting this podium was not a product of luck, in my humble opinion. It was a deserved podium. We were able to catch Mercedes and Ferrari and pass them on track. Okay, Leclerc dropped out, but it was still a solid podium."

He continued about Vettel:

"He's a great people person. He understands the value of people and the contribution that they make to success. And I think he's turned into somewhat of a driver counselor in the last couple of years as well. So, it really depends on what he wishes to apply himself to. He's one of those guys that's annoyingly good at anything he chooses to do. So I'm sure if he chose that path, he would be very good at it.”

It's a shame that F1 fans were denied the opportunity to see Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel as teammates.

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