Nyck de Vries will be driving for AlphaTauri this season.

Nyck de Vries survives €250,000-worth legal problems as Dutch court rules in his favour

Nyck de Vries has survived the €250,000-worth legal scare, as Dutch courts ruled the case by Jeroen Schothorst (Investrand) in the F1 driver's favour.

The now AlphaTauri driver was taken to court by one of his financiers, Schothorst, for violating the terms of a loan agreement in 2018. De Vries had taken a loan of €250,000 from Schorthorst's investment company in 2018 (for details, click here).


The investment company sued De Vries for failing to comply with the terms of agreement. However, as reported by De Telegraaf reporter Erik van Haren, the court has ruled the case in favor of the AlphaTauri driver. Van Haren tweeted:

"Jeroen Schothorst (Investrand) has lost the summary proceedings against Nyck de Vries. De Vries does not have to submit an overview of all his income and contracts from recent years. There was summary proceedings about that; there will be further proceedings on the merits about the dispute."
Jeroen Schothorst (Investrand) heeft het aangespannen kort geding tegen Nyck de Vries verloren.

De Vries hoeft overzicht van al zijn inkomsten en contracten van afgelopen jaren niet te overleggen. Daar ging kort geding over, er volgt nog een bodemprocedure over geschil. #F1

De Vries was happy to put that behind him as he prepares for the 2023 season, saying:

"I have fulfilled all my obligations to Investrand under the loan agreement and have always provided him with all information to which he was entitled under the loan agreement. The fact that the judge ruled in my favour was therefore in line with my expectations. Hopefully, the wind will die down now, and I can focus on preparing for the Formula 1 season."
Hij vervolgt: "Dat de rechter mij in het gelijk heeft gesteld, lag wat mij betreft dan ook in de lijn der verwachting. Hopelijk gaat de wind nu liggen en kan ik mij focussen op de voorbereiding op het Formule 1-seizoen."

Nyck de Vries' journey to F1 has not been easy

The Dutch driver's journey to F1 has not been easy. Even though he won the F2 title in 2019, the driver did not get a seat on the grid. In an interview De Vries told Day1 YouTube channel:

"After I won Formula 2 (in 2019), there was no place for me in Formula 1 - that is kind of a rejection. In 2021, I won the Formula E championship, and we were very close, but it didn't work out in the end."

He added:

"During last season, there were maybe two or three moments when there was serious talk about my future - and every time there had to be an answer, (it was no) because I had other obligations outside of F1."

Nyck de Vries will team up with Yuki Tsunoda this season. Many will be keeping an eye on the Dutch driver if he gets promoted to the Red Bull team in the future.

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