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Alexander Albon of Thailand driving the (23) Williams FW45 Mercedes spins off track after a collision with Kevin Magnussen of Denmark driving the (20) Haas F1 VF-23 Ferrari (not pictured) at the start during the F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

Ranked: F1's 'cost-effective' drivers from the best to the worst

With the 2023 season coming to an end, now is a good time to rank the F1 drivers based on their "cost-effectiveness" to their respective teams.

F1 drivers are some of the highest-paid sportspersons in the world, and rake in millions annually to race around the world in the fastest cars. However, only a select few have been able to justify their salary with the amount of championship points they have contributed in the 2023 season.


Below is the ranking of F1's "cost-effective" drivers from best to worst in the 2023 season:

1: Oscar Piastri, McLaren F1, $2 million - $20,618 per point

2: Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin F1, $5 million - $24,271 per point


3: Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, $2 million - $27,027 per point

4: Sergio Perez, Red Bull, $10 million – $35,087 per point


5: George Russell, Mercedes, $8 million – $45,714 per point

6: Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, $1 million – $58,823 per point

7: Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, $12 million – $60,000 per point

8: Pierre Gasly, Alpine, $5 million – $80,645 per point


9: Max Verstappen, Red Bull, $55 million – $95,652 per point

10: Lando Norris, McLaren, $20 million – $97,560 per point

11: Esteban Ocon, Alpine, $6 million – $103,448 per point

12: Alex Albon, Williams, $3 million – $111,111 per point

13: Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, $24 million – $116,504 per point

14: Nico Hulkenberg, Haas, $2 million – $222,222 per point

15: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, $53.75 million [€50m] – $229,700 per point

16: Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo, $2 million – $333,333 per point

17: Daniel Ricciardo, AlphaTauri, $2.1 million – $350,000 per point

18: Logan Sargeant, Williams, $1 million – $1,000,000 per point

19: Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo, $10 million – $1,000,000 per point

20: Kevin Magnussen, Haas, $5 million – $1,666,667 per point

Williams F1 driver tops the list for crash damage in the 2023 season

Williams driver Logan Sargeant topped the crash damage bill while racing for the Grove-based team in the 2023 season.

For most of the season the American struggled to get to grips with his car, and he even crashed heavily on a few weekends. According to a table originally assembled by Reddit user u/basspro24chevy, the 22-year-old cost Williams £3.4 million ($4.3 million) in damages to his FW45.

Given his tendency to crash the car frequently, Sargeant could well lose his seat for the 2024 season.

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