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Red Bull's Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez at F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Red Bull chief engineer clears the air surrounding Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez having different cars

Red Bull Racing chief engineer Paul Monaghan recently stated that there are no differences in the cars Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez operate.

Perez had a tough outing in Monaco, where he finished P16. Verstappen, on the other hand, won the race to increase his lead in the Drivers' Championship.


At the Spanish Grand Prix last weekend, Max Verstappen took pole position in qualifying while Perez's struggles continued, qualifying only P11. However, the Mexican bounced back to finish P4 in the race, while the Dutchman emerged victorious again.

Speaking to the media in Barcelona, Paul Monaghan made it clear that both Perez and Verstappen have the same RB19 cars at their disposal.

"The confidence of the drivers, the performance, especially in the garage of a team, tends to fluctuate a bit, right? Our neighbors are another example of this. So, as a team, we offer our unconditional support to 'Checo'," he said. (via motorsport.com)
"The cars are the same, whatever you need, we'll do everything we can to support and accompany you," he added. "And who knows, maybe I'll end up on the podium here and then win in Montreal. It's not like we're going to change our approach or anything like that. We treat pilots fairly and support them to the best of our ability. Nothing's going to change. It's one of those things, isn't it?"


Christian Horner on Max Verstappen's dominance: "The team is operating at a very high level"

Red Bull Racing have won the opening seven races so far in 2023, becoming only the third team to do so in F1 history. Max Verstappen has won five races, with Sergio Perez winning the other two.

Team principal Christian Horner stated that the team worked hard to get to the position they are in, especially during the seven years Mercedes dominated the sport.

"We spent seven years trying to get back into a winning position and losing hurts. I think that we've worked very hard to get into this position. I think the whole team as a unit, and it's not just Max [Verstappen], the whole team is just operating at such a high level," he said. (via gpblog)
"We have a phenomenal car. We've got two great drivers, and Max is just continuing to evolve as a driver. He's just becoming more and more polished, and the capacity that he has within the car is truly impressive. So, I think that what matters is the score sheet at the end of the day, and that's looking pretty healthy," he added.
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