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  • "So much of it was carry over": Red Bull boss details RB19's evolution from the 2022 F1 championship-winning RB18
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen of the Netherlands steers his car during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix

"So much of it was carry over": Red Bull boss details RB19's evolution from the 2022 F1 championship-winning RB18

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner mentioned that the RB19 was carrying some of the parts from the 2022 F1 championship-winning RB18.

The RB19 will go down in F1 history as one of the most dominant cars any team has ever produced in the sport. The world champions won every single race of the season barring one at the Singapore Grand Prix and closed out the season with an incredible 97.5% in race wins.


While appearing on the Sky Sports podcast, however, the Red Bull team boss pointed out that the RB19 was truly an evolution of the RB18, as it was carrying over some of its parts such as the gearbox. He said:

"Well, it's a piece of history now. What it's achieved is quite outstanding and so much of it was carry over from RB18. So the part of the chassis, all the suspensions, and the gearbox were carried over. Probably 60% of the car probably raced last year as well.
"The amount of races some of the components have run is more than 30 races and it's incredible to think what we have achieved with the team."

Max Verstappen points out how Red Bull can improve in 2024


Despite winning 21 of the 22 completed races, three-time world champion Max Verstappen believed that they could still improve in some areas in the future.

As per F1.com, the Dutch driver said:

“It’s difficult to tell but, of course, we are also working on our car to try and make it better. I think we know our weaknesses as well in the car and that’s what we’ll try to work on plus, of course, trying to make our strengths even stronger.
“Of course, there are [weaknesses]. Look at our race weekend in Singapore. In general, on street circuits, I think we are struggling a bit more, like in Vegas. Low-speed is definitely not our strongest point in the car, [going over] bumps, kerbs as well, so that’s definitely a big area where we can improve.”

It is frightening to hear that Verstappen believes that Red Bull can still improve in certain aspects after a near-perfect season in the sport.

Although it would be inevitable that Red Bull would try to maintain or match its 2023 season in the coming seasons, it would be fascinating to see if it would indeed improve in the areas pointed out by Max Verstappen.

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