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  • "We basically look after kids that have been abandoned" - Sergio Perez opens up on his mental wellness foundation in Mexico
Sergio Perez meeting with children in his Foundation (Image via fundacionchecoperez.com)

"We basically look after kids that have been abandoned" - Sergio Perez opens up on his mental wellness foundation in Mexico

Sergio Perez recently spoke about his foundation, which caters to mental wellness in Mexico and takes care of underprivileged children. This charitable body was founded by the Mexican himself back in 2012 when he joined F1. Ever since then, it has grown quite a lot and offers a helping hand to many in the country.

In a conversation with Drew Barrymore, Perez explained how his foundation mainly focuses on looking after children who were abandoned by their parents. The F1 driver also revealed that they provide various kinds of facilities to the poor.

“We basically look after kids that have been abandoned by their parents, so in Mexico we look after them," Sergio Perez said. "The facilities [conditions] there are extremely poor, so we help building from a toilet [to] a better facility, where they can play sports as well.”
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The Red Bull driver feels that the younger generation should be more involved in sports, even if they do not want to become professionals at it. Perez then explained how he created the foundation in his first year in Formula 1, as he wanted others to achieve their dreams as well.

"I believe that young generations have to be involved in sports because it’s a way of living, motivating them and giving them some hope at a young age, it doesn’t matter if they become professionals," Sergio Perez continued. "That to me is very important, I started the foundation the first year I arrived in F1 because I felt very privileged to achieve one of my dreams and I want all the people to achieve theirs as well."


Sergio Perez ready to challenge Max Verstappen in 2024 F1 season

Sergio Perez finished second in the drivers' championship in the 2023 F1 season. His teammate, Max Verstappen, dominated the field and clinched his third world title by a massive points margin.

Speaking to Motorsport-Total, Perez offered his thoughts on 2023 and claimed that his next goal is to take one step ahead and challenge Verstappen for the title.

"I've already got second place [in the standings]. My main goal is to get one place better, and I'm aware of the challenge that that represents. We need to make the most of the winter break to start the season with a good feeling, and maintain this level throughout the entire season," he said.
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Perez scored 285 points in the drivers' championship, while Verstappen racked up 575 points.

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