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When is the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP? Leaked documents show tentative date for new US race

A letter of intent from the Las Vegas promoters registered in the 'Sin City' has leaked the tentative date for the 2023 F1 race in the city.

The letter states that the race could be held in November 2023 and that promoters have signed an agreement with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) to manage and promote the event. The 17-page document was leaked by a Twitter user and was authenticated by various news outlets.

So #f1 nerds if you want to read the Letter or Intent for the Las Vegas Grand Prix between Liberty and the Convention bureau here it is. The advertising and airspace provisions seem optimistic. 1/17

The letter indicates that the F1 race in Las Vegas could be held close to the Abu Dhabi GP on November 18, 2023, and will be slotted around the same time for the next five years through 2027. With a night race scheduled, the document also stated that there would be no track activity past 4:30 AM (ET) and 1:30 AM (PT). It also reveals details about Liberty Dice, a new subsidiary that Liberty Media has set up to manage the iconic night race.

Revealing the commercial terms of the event, the document outlines requirements to manage the race, including 900 marshals, 1,200 fire extinguishers, 15 cranes, 18 ambulances, 18 ambulances, five medical intervention vehicles, and 5G WiFi capabilities for the Las Vegas GP.

The letter of intent has been signed by LVCVA President & CEO Steve Hill and Liberty Media Exec VP Renee Wilm and was dated March 28, 2022, before the race was announced. According to the document, LVCVA will commit to paying $6.5M annually to assist with various departments of managing the race, such as public safety, security, volunteers, marketing support, circuit construction, and securing space in the Las Vegas Convention Center.


F1 could have a 24-race calendar in 2023

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has claimed that the demand for the sport is high and that 2023 could have a 24-race calendar. Preferring to contain the number of races to a maximum of 24, the Italian suggested that there will be more races than the current 2022 calendar, which features 22 rounds.

Sketching the details of the discussions about the calendar for next season, Domenicali said:

“We would like to keep the right flow in terms of efficiency around the world, to consider the needs of a calendar to be spread out from March to November all around the world. The demand is very, very high. We cannot [say] anything more than what we are saying because we are, of course, finalising all the details. But we for sure expect to have a couple of races more than this year, but less than 25, that’s for sure.”
Rumor: Draft 2023 F1 calendar -
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that the 2023 season will see a bump in the number of races due to a ‘very, very high’ demand for the sport. In a call with Liberty Media investors, Domenicali indicated that the n...

Despite the rising demand for F1 races, there has been resistance from teams and drivers against the long calendar, which can be extremely rigorous for working personnel and logistically challenging as well. The current 2022 calendar has also been heavily criticized for not being strategically planned.

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