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Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP celebrates on the podium next to Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Ferrari after winning the Formula One Grand Prix of Japan

Which is the only account Sebastian Vettel follows on Instagram?

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has over three million followers on the social media platform Instagram but only follows one person, Lewis Hamilton.

The former Red Bull and Ferrari driver made his debut on the social media platform in a very unforgettable manner as his first post on Instagram was his retirement video. The German driver caught everyone by surprise by first getting on social media, as he stayed away from the platforms his whole life, and using it to announce his farewell from the sport.


Since his retirement from F1, Sebastian Vettel has been relatively active on Instagram as he does live sessions to keep his devoted fans updated about his life and also promotes environmental ventures that are close to him. He'll be doing the same thing this weekend in Suzuka as he plans to open a Bee Hotel on the turn two of the track.

Sebastian Vettel earns praise from Lewis Hamilton for his environmental ventured

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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamiton praised his former rival Sebastian Vettel for being so outspoken about his plans regarding the environment and also claimed that he was inspired by Vettel's words.


As per GPBlog, Hamilton said:

"It's great to have Seb back this weekend. He sat down and told all the drivers of his plans. It was great to see that he's found his purpose. To be honest, in the history of the sport, I don't know any other driver that has ever been so outspoken. And showing real compassion for the world outside of this little world that we're living in. It's really great that he's utilising his platform."

Lewis Hamilton also spoke about the importance of ventures supported by Sebastian Vettel and added:

"I always just hope that with the things that he's doing for example that he inspires the other drivers to do something, maybe in their own lane. But we all need to come together in this world to have a positive impact, to spread love, to spread compassion, and to raise awareness for a lot of the problems.
"And obviously, there are millions of problems that we need to address. Biodiversity is one for sure. He’s working with the bees here, raising awareness of that this weekend.

It is indeed heartwarming for the fans to see two of the greatest F1 drivers supporting each others' ventures even after the intense on-track rivalry they shared during their time in the sport.

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