5 Most Controversial Goals of the World Cup

The football World Cup over the years has witnessed scores of controversial goals that changed the course of matches and sometimes entire tournaments. Here, we take a look at the 5 Most Controversial Goals of the World Cup.# 5. Karin Benzema denied by Goal Line Technology (2014) : This was not controversial in the traditional sense, but it is in controversy and news as this is the first time that the Goal Line Technology has been successfully implemented in the World Cup. Just minutes into the second half, Benzema’s volley bounced back off the post and the Goal Line technology awarded the goal to France but as a Noel Valladares own goal, denying Benzema the hattrick.


# 4. Frank Lampard disallowed goal (2010) : England were trailing when Lampard’s shot kissed the crossbar and landed almost a yard behind the goal line and was disallowed by the referee.Though it didn’t create much of a difference as Germany scored two more goals after that.

#3. Carlos Tevez gets lucky against Mexico (2010) : Another round of 16 match and Tevez scores a clear offside but the ref awarded him the goal anyway leading Argentina to win by 3-1. This goal further advocated the claims of those who wanted GoalLine to be used in World Cups.

#2. Geoff Hurst (1996) : Hurst became the only player to score a hattrick in World Cup finals when he was awarded a controversial goal against West germany which led to England winning the only World Cup as ‘wingless wonders’ owing to there then narroe 4-3-3 formation without wingers.


#1. Diego Maradona (1986) : The Hand of God is probably the most talked about goal in World Cup history. maradona scored a goal off his hand in the quarter-final of the 1986 World Cup against England which led to widespread hue and cry among fans and questioned Maradona’s sportsmanship.

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