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  • "He has unusual genetics and athletic ability" - When ex-Real Madrid doctor named the greatest athlete he has worked with
When ex-Real Madrid doctor named the greatest athlete he coached

"He has unusual genetics and athletic ability" - When ex-Real Madrid doctor named the greatest athlete he has worked with

Jesus Olmo, a former medical professional at Real Madrid, has named the most complete athlete he worked with. Many would have expected Olmo to name Cristiano Ronaldo, who was well-known for his athleticism over the years.

However, despite the Portuguese forward's renowned dedication to fitness, the doctor surprisingly anointed Gareth Bale as the more complete athlete.


Olmo, who was privy to the physical capabilities of players during his tenure at Real Madrid, heaped praise on Bale in a 2020 interview with the Spanish media outlet Ideal. He said (via Sport Bible):

"Possibly the best athlete I've seen is Gareth Bale. He's a natural athlete capable of excelling at practically any sport. He has unusual genetics and athletic ability, and I would say technical ability as well. He's the one who impressed me most in all aspects, although there is then performance, which comes about from different circumstances."

Bale's athleticism has long been the subject of admiration. The Welshman's incredible speed, brute strength, and versatility on the field made him a nightmare for defenders during his time at Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid.


However, in an unexpected career pivot, the 34-year-old decided to retire from football in January 2023, turning his attention toward professional golf.


Real Madrid pursue Kylian Mbappe for pre-contract amid looming free agency

In a pivotal maneuver to bolster their squad, the Madridistas are reportedly making it a top priority to secure a pre-contract with Paris Saint-Germain sensation Kylian Mbappe.

According to the Spanish sports media outlet Defensa Central (via PSGTalk), Los Blancos are keen on ending the protracted saga surrounding Mbappe's future as he approaches the final months of his expiring contract.

However, the situation comes with its own complexities, as the World Cup winner has historically shown reluctance in making early decisions about his professional future. It should be noted that the last time Mbappe found himself on the brink of contract expiry, he chose to remain with the Ligue 1 giants.


Should Paris Saint-Germain qualify for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League, the Frenchman is likely to postpone any resolutions concerning his future, to avoid disrupting his team's focus and morale.

Nevertheless, the Spanish giants may hike up the pressure on Mbappe to secure a commitment. Real Madrid could potentially present this as a final window of opportunity for the young star to join their ranks, emphasizing the need for him to sign a pre-contract.

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