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Gerard Pique made a bold claim about Barcelona and Real Madrid

Gerard Pique believes Barcelona and Real Madrid will not be able to compete in Europe in future due to La Liga's strict FFP rules

Barcelona legend Gerard Pique reckons the Blaugrana and Real Madrid won't be able to compete in European competitions due to La Liga's strict FFP rules.

Pique thinks that other leagues are able to spend more than the Spanish giants through different avenues, leaving the La Liga clubs trailing. This, according to the Spaniard, could be detrimental to their success in Europe in the coming years.


He said (quotes via MARCA):

“La Liga has a very strict FFP rules & other leagues have another system. Then in Europe you are exposed to these clubs paying more through other ways. We are on the road that in five years, Barça and Madrid will not be able to compete in Europe.”

La Liga made a change to their FFP regulations at the start of the 2023-24 season, which could benefit clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. The new rule stated that clubs can spend 50% of the money they saved or raised in transfers. They were previously allowed to spend only 40%.


A La Liga spokesperson said about the new rules (via ESPN):

"The objective [of the change] is to stimulate signings at a time when the transfer window is at a standstill while ensuring clubs are still making savings overall. his transitional change for the 23-24 season will positively affect many clubs in excess of their limit as they will be able to continue to operate in the market while making savings."

Barca, however, needed to adjust their cost in the summer to comply with the spending limits. They had to cut approximately €200 million, dropping the cost from €650 million to €450 million. This was after the likes of Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets left the club.

Gerard Pique suggests European Super League for Barcelona and Real Madrid to stay competitive

Gerard Pique thinks La Liga's tight FFP rules are affecting Barcelona and Real Madrid's competitiveness in Europe. He pointed out that Barca are having to pull levers to comply financially.


While Pique acknowledged that Los Blancos are in a better position due to their set-up, he thinks with time, the situation will get worse for the Madrid giants. Hence, he reckons the clubs need the Super League to be competitive: (via Tribal Football):

"And you will be forced to make Barça a Sports Limited Company, and Madrid, which may take a while, more because it is a little better off economically, if it wants to continue competing in Europe, more of the same. Unless there is a Super League before, and Financial Fair Play is regulated."

Pique also claimed that if Barcelona and Real Madrid only competed domestically, La Liga's rules wouldn't have been an issue. However, the discrepancy in rules among countries makes the situation difficult.

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