New Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick.

"He was an amazing role model" - Per Mertesacker reveals what Manchester United fans can expect from Ralf Rangnick

Diptanil Roy

Former Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker has hailed Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick as a role model in football.

Speaking about the Manchester United tactician's qualities as an influencer, Mertesacker said:

"I’ve got a few stories on Ralf, because he gave me my debut as a Bundesliga player, as a right-back. I’ve always played centre-back in my life and the day before my debut he said: 'Listen, you’re going to play right-back tomorrow against Cologne.’ I only lasted 45 minutes, because, as a centre-half, you’re not used to that kind of running behind people and running back and forth."

Mertesacker went on to talk about the Manchester United new boss' attitude towards his players with a personal anecdote.

"That was Ralf sometimes. He was the same guy who went with me to my school and said: 'Per’s a really good footballer, but he’ll finish his A Levels. We need to find a balance between football and school.' That was when I was 19. I will never forget that he went with me to my school, that he gave me a real insight into what it needs to be a top pro. When I look back, these moments made me, instead of me sloping away."

The former Arsenal skipper also said Rangnick believes in giving people a chance to correct their mistakes. This should hold well for a few Manchester United players.

"He really cared for a young guy who made a couple of minor mistakes but were crucial in the way forward. I finished my A Levels, put in my all, and then started my career. My second appearance was half a year later, so I struggled a lot. 'When is my next chance going to come?' He gave me my next chance when it was his last game for Hannover."

Mertesacker added:

"He put me in because he knew this is probably going to be my last game, you’re a young player, and this really helped me when the next appointment came in. You kind of trust the last team that was playing. So he gave me the platform."

The former player concluded by lauding Rangnick for being his role model in football.

"Ralf was crucial for me, he was an amazing role model. Once he was gone, he kind of left me an open field with the knowledge he gave to me. Since then we have always kept in contact."


Manchester United take their first test under Ralf Rangnick against Crystal Palace today

Welcome to Manchester United, Ralf Rangnick 🔴🇩🇪

5:00 AM · Nov 29, 2021

Manchester United's first assignment under Ralf Rangnick will be against Crystal Palace today (December 5). The Red Devils have managed to arrest their slump in form with a few impressive performances under caretaker boss Michael Carrick.

However, there will be huge pressure to deliver for Rangnick from day one at Manchester United. Anything but a win against Palace will put him under unwarranted pressure at Old Trafford.

Matchday in M16 📍

Come on United! 🔴⚪⚫

7:14 AM · Dec 5, 2021

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