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  • “We also leave for the stadium without security” – Inter Miami star says club are ‘not ready yet’ for Lionel Messi arrival
Inter Miami not ready for Messi's arrival?

“We also leave for the stadium without security” – Inter Miami star says club are ‘not ready yet’ for Lionel Messi arrival

Inter Miami goalkeeper Nick Marsman has stated that the club have a lot of upgrades to do before Lionel Messi's imminent arrival. He revealed that security should be a priority focus of the league and the club owners.

Messi has decided to join Inter Miami this summer when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires. The Argentine is expected to complete the move in the next few days and make his debut later in the season.


Speaking to ESPN regarding Messi's arrival at Inter Miami, Marsman claimed that the club is currently not ready. He wants the stadium and security to be upgraded as the fans are likely to try and get close to the FIFA World Cup winner at all chances.

Marsman said:

"I personally think that this club is not ready for Lionel Messi's arrival. We have a temporary stadium, people can just walk on the pitch, there are no gates. We also leave for the stadium without security. I think they aren't ready. But I hope he comes."

Inter Miami have six more league matches in the next 45 days before they take the summer break. Messi is expected to join the club when they regroup after the break from mid-July.


Former Inter Miami manager on Lionel Messi's arrival

Nick Marsman's warning to Inter Miami is not new as former manager Phil Neville had already warned the club about the same. He claimed that the owners and league needed to do several upgrades from the training ground to the stadium if Lionel Messi was to join.

He told The Athletic:

"I think it goes bigger than Inter Miami. I think it's in MLS. It's big for the MLS. I think this would be probably the biggest signing ever in American sports. Life will change. Things will be different. The trees might have to be bigger around the training ground."

He added:

"The security might have to be tighter. The walk that the players have today over to that stadium, that might have to be different. The travel might be different. The hotels we stay in might have to be different. But really that might be what we're aspiring to be like anyways. It's exciting, but I think it'd be a massive challenge."

Neville was sacked earlier this month after a poor start to the season. Inter are currently at the bottom of the Eastern Conference table with just five wins in their 16 matches.

Former Barcelona and Argentine manager Tata Martino is leading the chase to become the new manager of the MLS side, as per ESPN. They have added that Lionel Messi's former teammates Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Luis Suarez could also be lured to the club this summer.

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