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Ranking the top 9 Manchester United kits from the Premier League era

Manchester United have produced countless moments of footballing magic over the years. Along with that, they have also had some of the most memorable kits in their iconic history in the Premier League. Here are the top nine kits that the Red Devils have worn in the Premier League.

# 9 Champions League kit for 1998-99


Designed by Umbro, this was a very simple yet very eye-catching design that was forever etched into Manchester United folklore as the Red Devils became the first English team to win the European treble.

Manchester United won the treble in 1999

White collar, white shorts and white socks added flair to the traditional red colors of the Mancunian club. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Teddy Sheringham completed a historic comeback in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, forever immortalizing this design.


#8 Away kit for 2015-16

Adidas brought their trademark three stripes over the shoulder design, along with a V-neck strip in red, with white being the primary color. This design was both crisp and classy at the same time.

Manchester United players unveiling their away kit for the 2015-16 season

The United faithful have fond memories of this kit as the team wore it in the 2015-16 FA Cup final against Crystal Palace and won in extra-time.

#7 Away kit for 1993-95

Umbro designed a masterpiece of sorts with an all-black kit which stayed as the away kit for Manchester United for two years in a row. The gold and blue highlights just add to a mesmerizing design that was in every way a trendsetter for years to come.

Away kit for 1993-95

Eric Cantona, with his collar turned up, had an infamous moment in this jersey as he kicked a fan at Selhurst Park during United's game against Crystal Palace in January 1995. The Frenchman was given a two-week jail term, which was later reduced to 150 hours of community service on appeal, and also served a nine-month ban. Quite a history!


#6 Home kit for 2003-04

Now here is a kit design that just oozes style. Traditional red with black highlights around the neck, this design is a fan favorite and will be remembered for ages. Even the Vodafone logo went perfectly with the kit design.

David Beckham - The style icon

Does it get any better than David Beckham rocking this jersey, scoring one of his trademark free-kicks and celebrating in front of the Stretford End? No, it does not.

#5 Away kit for 2008-09

The kit is simple but at the same time a genius creation. It's all white with blue highlights. But what makes this kit so beautiful is what it stands for. Worn by arguably the greatest ensemble of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United. Even people who didn't support United ran out of adjectives to describe this team.

Away kit for 2008-09

Imagine being a goalkeeper on a rainy night and being attacked by the likes of Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs wearing this all-white kit with snarling intent. Now that's pretty scary, isn't it?

#4 Away kit for 2012-13

A unique design but still a prepossessing one. The first thing that comes to mind is Robin van Persie leading the attack with his clinical left foot that earned him the Premier League Golden Boot for the season.

Away kit for 2012-13

A simple white kit with red stripes around the arm and the front placket made it eye-pleasing for the fans and threatening for the opposition. Simply a chef's kiss.

#3 Home kit for 2013-14

Not a very pleasant memory when it comes to this kit, but the black collar and button-up was a smooth addition to the kit. The collar returned to the United kit with this Nike creation.

Shinji Kagawa in the home kit for 2013-14

If only the results of that season would have been as delightful as this kit was for Manchester United fans, it wouldn't have been forgotten so quickly. United finished seventh in the Premier League that season as rivals Manchester City were crowned champions.

2) Home kit for 1993-94

Admit it, we can't get enough of seeing in a Manchester United home kit with his collar turned up. It had a different aura, with Cantona, rightly dubbed "The King of Manchester," wearing it in style.

Eric Cantona in the home kit for 1993-94

1) Home kit for 2007-08

If there is one word that describes this kit, then it is "elegance". Just by looking at this jersey, one is reminded of the times when Manchester United was synonymous with dominance. A simple all-red design with a stripe at the back.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the home kit for 2007-08

Manchester United defended their Premier League crown in style as Ronaldo scored 31 goals in the league to win the Golden Boot.

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