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10 most popular Fortnite pickaxes of all time

Pickaxes have gradually become one of the most popular cosmetic items in Fortnite. Although they remain hidden for most of the game, players love showing them off on the spawn island or after winning a fight.

Moreover, the Axe of Champions given to FNCS winners brought pickaxes to the spotlight. Players started making combos, and certain pickaxes were classified as "sweaty."


On that note, here are 10 of the most popular Fortnite pickaxes of all time.

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10 most valuable Fortnite pickaxes of all time


1) The Reaper


The Reaper is an OG pickaxe from Chapter 1 Season 1. Despite its basic design, it is massively popular among Loopers for its rarity. Also, anyone who owns it is automatically seen as an experienced player.

The Reaper was heavily used with two of the most popular skins at the time - the Skull Trooper and the Ghoul Trooper. Accordingly, the pickaxe too gained prominence.

2) AC/DC


The AC/DC pickaxe was available in the Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass at Tier 63. By then, Epic Games had finally started releasing cosmetics with unique themes, and this was one such skin.


AC/DC isn't too popular nowadays because a handful of players have it. Also, the game has become quite sweaty and tryhards avoid using the item due to its loud nature.

Regardless, at the time of launch, AC/DC was easily one of the most iconic pickaxes ever.

3) Star Wand


Star Wand arrived in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 8, and after three years of release, it remains one of the most famous pickaxes ever, and that's why it made the cut for this list.

Star Wand was initially used by pros and sweats, and as usual, the casual player base followed the trend. As a result, Star Wand is a well-known pickaxe, appreciated by veterans and newbies alike.

The controversy regarding its pay-to-win nature also added to the Star Wand's popularity.

4) Dark Axe


Releasing alongside the Dark Reflections skin pack helped Dark Axe in becoming one of the most sought-after pickaxe skins ever.

It has a clean design, which is desirable among sweats as well. The color scheme isn't too unique, due to which it can be paired with a ton of outfits easily.

5) The Driver


It is hard to explain why a golf club is one of the most popular Fortnite pickaxes ever. Apparently, players like it for its basic design, which doesn't affect the gameplay in any way.

The Driver has appeared in the Item Shop on several occasions, and Loopers seldom miss an opportunity to get their hands on this item. The likes of NickEh30 and Pulga also included this skin in their locker bundles.

6) Harley Hitter


Harley Hitter was released in Chapter 2 Season 1, and surprisingly, it was prevalent for the entire chapter.

Harley Hitter was based on a baseball bat and had some elements related to Harley Quinn from the DC universe.

Tryhards absolutely love Harley Hitter as they can make endless combos with it. Having said that, Harley Hitter with the Harley Quinn outfit is the most suitable combination.

7) Golden King


Golden skins became relevant in Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 2. Midas, who is the most popular character in history, was associated with the Golden King pickaxe.

However, the Golden King was not just famous because of Midas. Considering that it was released in Season 12, it has a really clean design and can be a part of many sweaty combos.

8) Axe of Champions


The Axe of Champions wouldn't have been on this list if it was about the most used Fortnite pickaxes of all time. However, we're talking about the most talked-about cosmetics, and the Axe of Champions certainly deserves a spot.

The Axe of Champions is only given to FNCS winners and they cannot even use it permanently. Every season, new winners get an opportunity to use it.

Unlocking the Axe of Champions is no doubt the dream of every aspiring pro, and will likely remain the most valuable and rare Fortnite pickaxe ever for obvious reasons.

9) Gold Crow


Crowbar pickaxes have always been famous in Fortnite, and the Gold Crow is the most elite skin in this category. Sweats heavily used the Gold Crow in Chapter 2 Season 3, and the casuals soon jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Golden skins can be used with several outfits, significantly adding to their value, and Gold Crow is no exception. Making sweaty combos with it is a piece of cake.

10) Demonslayer Blade


The Demonslayer Blade was released during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 and was an instant hit. Loopers adore pickaxes with sleek designs and solid color themes, which is exactly what the Demonslayer Blade offers.

The Demonslayer Blade was shipped with Charlotte, which was the sweatiest skin in Chapter 2 Season 8. Being a Battle Pass cosmetic made this skin a lot more accessible as well.

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