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12 historic Fortnite moments ranked

Fortnite has revolutionized gaming with its brilliant in-game events and collaborations. Four years ago, who would've thought that a Battle Royale game would be home to the skins of Ariana Grande, Iron Man, Batman, and several other pop culture icons.

There have been countless ground-breaking moments when Epic Games proved to the world that its battle royale title will set a high benchmark. This article dives into 12 historic Fortnite still remembered by loopers worldwide.


These Fortnite moments outline the massive scope of the video game

1) The Blast Off event


The Seven is currently trying to launch another rocket, and many players might not remember that the first rocket was launched in Chapter 1 Season 4. This was the first time that the complex Zero Point storyline was revealed.

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The Blast Off event might not be the grandest event in history, but it certainly played the most important role in laying the foundation for all the upcoming events.


2) Marshmello concert

Over 10 million people attended Marshmello's virtual concert in Fortnite, which is enough to prove why it made this list.


At the time, gathering such a massive audience for an in-game event was close to impossible. Epic Games' Battle Royale title was far ahead of its competitors in terms of popularity, and the Marshmello concert was a huge factor behind it.


3) The Unvaulting

The Unvaulting event is famous for a variety of reasons. It was the first time the developers gave players control over the loot pool. By voting in the In-Between, they could bring back the Drum Gun.

The Unvaulting event also led to the destruction of Tilted Towers, another historic moment.


4) The Devourer of Worlds

Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite is one of the best seasons in history. Epic Games showed that a crossover can be much more than just cosmetics. From Marvel-themed POIs to a live event where Galactus arrived to destroy the island, the season had everything Marvel fans could dream of.

The hype surrounding The Devourer of Worlds event was unreal. Every POI and weapon added during the season hinted towards this event and it was undoubtedly worth the wait.


5) The End - Chapter 1

The End event concluded Chapter 1, where Fortnite turned into a void. Loopers were unable to log in for a few days and a new Chapter began after that.

Even though Chapter 1 Season X and Chapter 2 Season 1 weren't appreciated by the community, The End event lived up to expectations. Many players thought that Fortnite would be shut down and no other event will be able to recreate the tension that The End created regarding what's next.


6) Diplo concert

The likes of Diplo, Steve Aoki and Dillon Francis popularized the Party Royale mode in Fortnite by performing in its premiere. It is no surprise that their concerts were attended by millions, as the virtual concert accurately replicated an EDM show.


7) The Device

The Device event revealed Midas' plans to leave the island and break the loop. Even though the antagonist failed, he made millions of fans look forward to returning.

The Device event was one of the most story-driven events in history, and many players were surprised to see how Agent Jonesy and the IO control everything.


8) We The People

We The People is a historic moment not just in the history of Fortnite but in gaming. The title hosted millions daily and its far-reaching popularity to spread a positive message and create discourse regarding systemic racism in the entertainment industry.

ØPUS UNITED presented an event supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in July 2020.


9) Ariana Grande Rift-Tour

Ariana Grande stole the show by performing her most popular songs at Fortnite's Rift Tour event. Fans of the singer joined in and enjoyed her concert together.

The entire event was a surreal experience for many loopers that could not be replaced. Epic Games certainly nailed the job, as there couldn't have been better themes and animations.


10) The End - Chapter 2

Another The End event recently took place in Fortnite when Chapter 2 Season 8, ended. The Rock was revealed to be The Foundation's voice and face, which was quite unexpected for many loopers.

The End event in Chapter 2 was also a big surprise for the community, as everyone was expecting Chapter 2 Season 9 and Season 10. Epic Games shocked the player-base and proceeded to release Chapter 3 Season 1.


11) The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown pushed the boundaries even further and turned out to be one of the best events in Chapter 1. The ferocious fight between the Devourer and the Mecha was nerve-wracking and the latter eventually won.

From Devourer ripping off Mecha's arms to the giant robot stabbing the monster in the eye, every moment in the event was full of thrill and excitement.


12) Zero Crisis

Zero Crisis event from Chapter 2 Season 6, was the first time players were allowed to help Agent Jonesy and the IO from a first-person perspective. It revolved around Zero Point and introduced prominent characters like Dr. Slone, Geno, and The Foundation.

Shockingly, Agent Jones betrayed the Imagined Order to save the island himself. He was accompanied by The Foundation, who sacrificed himself to contain the Zero Point.

While Dr. Slone and The Foundation are now widely renowned, Geno's true identity remains a mystery.


It is safe to assume that more such live events will also take place in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. A war between The Seven and the IO is about to begin and a live event is the best way to tease it.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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